Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer

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Product description

Product Description

  • 18-inch powered subwoofer with a 4-inch voice coil.
  • The 30Hz-150Hz frequency range and maximum SPL of 136dB are suited for the needs of modern sound engineering.
  • 1600W Class-D amplifier module with high power.
  • True high-definition audio with extremely minimal latency thanks to 96kHz DSP.
  • Features SRC (sample rate conversion), which enables 48kHz device compatibility, and has Dante I/O (2in/2out).
  • Utilize the user-friendly LCD display to access a number of DSP features, load presets, or make exact PEQ, delay, and routing adjustments, among other things.
  • D-XSUB processing and the ability to operate in cardioid mode are included.

Product Features

The Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer is a high-performance, professional-grade subwoofer that provides powerful, impactful bass for a wide range of audio applications. The DXS18XLF has you covered whether you're setting up a live performance rig, a DJ setup, or simply looking for a premium home theatre experience.

Create and construct
The Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer has a sleek and compact design that makes it ideal for live sound reinforcement, portable PA, or club installations. The subwoofer has a black-painted wooden cabinet that gives it a professional appearance while also protecting it from scratches and other damage. The subwoofer also includes a specially designed grille to protect the drivers while maintaining a clean and stylish appearance.

The Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D is built to last in terms of build quality. The wooden cabinet is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and stability even in harsh environments. The metal handles on the subwoofer make it easy to carry and transport. Furthermore, the unit includes a metal pole socket that makes it simple to instal and secure to a tripod or stand.


The Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer is designed to enhance your audio experience by delivering high-quality, powerful bass. The subwoofer has an 18-inch woofer and a high-power Class-D amplifier with a continuous output of 1500W, making it ideal for live sound reinforcement. The design and construction of the subwoofer make it simple to integrate with other speakers, ensuring seamless audio transitions and a uniform sound field. Furthermore, the rugged, lightweight design of the subwoofer makes it simple to transport and set up, making it ideal for live performances and events.

Options for connectivity
The Yamaha DXS18XLF/DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer is intended to be versatile and simple to use. It provides numerous connectivity options to ensure seamless integration with a wide range of audio systems.

This subwoofer has a balanced XLR and TRS input as well as an unbalanced RCA input for connecting to various types of equipment. In addition, the subwoofer has a parallel XLR output for easy connection to other speakers in a sound reinforcement system.


The DXS18XLF-D subwoofer also includes D-XSUB processing, which allows for advanced control over the subwoofer's performance, such as adjusting the crossover frequency and phase, as well as setting input and output level limits.

1600W Class-D amplifier module with high output power
The Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer is powered by a 1600W Class-D amplifier module, which provides plenty of power to drive the 18-inch custom-made woofer. This powerful amplifier produces clean and tight low-end bass, as well as high-quality audio output for live performances, music playback, and other applications. The Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer can produce high volume levels without sacrificing sound quality, making it an ideal choice for a variety of audio applications.

The Yamaha DXS18XLF/DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer is equipped with a high power 1600W Class-D amplifier module that produces powerful, punchy, and distortion-free bass for any audio system. The Class-D technology uses less energy, reducing weight and size while still providing enough power to drive the 18" subwoofer. A custom-designed high-efficiency, high-power woofer provides deep and tight low frequency reproduction, as does the subwoofer. The Yamaha DXS18XLF/DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer is an excellent choice for live sound reinforcement, DJ systems, and fixed installations due to its powerful performance.


D-XSUB processing is used
Yamaha's DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer features advanced D-XSUB processing. This advanced processing technology enables the subwoofer to provide powerful and accurate bass response, as well as superior sound quality and performance. The D-XSUB processing improves the subwoofer's low frequency response, making it ideal for use in a variety of applications such as live music performances, DJ events, and more. Furthermore, this processing technology ensures that the subwoofer operates at peak efficiency, allowing for high levels of output with minimal distortion.

18" powered subwoofer with a 4" voice coil
The Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer has an 18-inch subwoofer with a 4-inch voice coil that produces deep and accurate bass reproduction. This is ideal for amplifying the low frequencies of a music track or a movie, providing a more complete and immersive sound experience. The 4-inch voice coil ensures that the subwoofer can handle high power while still producing clear, distortion-free sound even at high volume levels.

The Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer is a professional and commercial grade audio system. This subwoofer provides exceptional low-frequency sound that can be adjusted to suit any event, thanks to a Class-D amplifier module delivering 1600W of power. The D-XSUB processing provides flexible control over the sound output, making it simple to match the acoustics of any room. Furthermore, the 18" subwoofer and 4" voice coil provide excellent sound quality and dependability, making this subwoofer an excellent choice for audio engineers, DJs, and performers alike. Overall, the Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer is a versatile, dependable, and high-quality audio system designed to perform admirably.




Sales Package Yamaha DXS18XLF / DXS18XLF-D Powered Subwoofer and User documentation
Brand Yamaha
Model DXS18-XLP
Color black
Dimension W: 550 mm (21.7")
H: 657 mm (25.9") (with rubber feet)
D: 720 mm (28.3")
Weight 48.9kg (107.8lbs)
Speaker Type Powered Subwoofer, bass-reflex
Frequency range (-10dB) 30Hz - 150Hz
Components LF: 18" Cone, 4" Voice Coil, Ferrite magnet
Sample frequency rate Internal: 96kHz and FIR Filter
A/D D/A Converters 96kHz AD/DA
Maximum output level (1m; on axis) 136dB SPL (*Measured peak SPL with pink noise @1m)
Power rating Dynamic: 1600W (*Total peak power of individual outputs (AC 120V, 25℃). This value was measured at minimum load impedance, with protection released)
Burst (20ms): 1300W
Continuous: 1200W
I/O connectors Analog IN: Combo x2, Line level (Maximum +24dBu), Input impedance 20kΩ, Analog OUT: XLR3-32 x2, CH1/2: THRU or DSP OUT
Others: USB2.0 Host 5V 500mA for USB memory DATA storage/load
AC: IEC AC inlet x1 (V-Lock)
Amplifier Class-D
Cooling Fan cooling, Variable speeds
Power consumption 40W (Idle), 180W (1/8)
Handle Aluminium die-cast, Side x2
Warranty Type Official Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty Period 1 Year
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