Sonos Surround Set - Sonos Arc, Sub & One SL

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Product description

Product Descriptions

  • Connect your system to WiFi now and take advantage of voice control, the app, and remote control.
  • Two force-cancelling drivers are located in the middle of the Sub.
    It includes both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • When you include two Subs in your home theatre setup, you will experience sound like never before.

Product Features

The Sonos Surround Set with Arc, Sub, and One SL is a complete home theater system that produces immersive and powerful sound. The Arc is a smart soundbar with 11 high-performance drivers for clear dialogue and powerful bass. The Sub delivers deep, rich bass, whereas the One SL provides clear, detailed sound for the rear surround channels. Dolby Atmos is also supported for a cinematic sound experience. You can easily control the system and stream music from your favorite services using the Sonos app. This set's sleek and modern design blends in with any home decor, making it an excellent addition to any entertainment room.

The Sonos Surround Set with Arc, Sub, and One SL delivers a clear and powerful audio experience, perfect for music lovers and movie enthusiasts alike. This set delivers a clean and balanced soundstage with no buzz or distortion thanks to the Arc's 11 high-performance drivers, Sub's deep bass, and One SL's clear mid-range and high frequencies. The combination of these products brings every song's intricate details and every movie's explosive action to life. The Sonos Surround Set is the ideal addition to any home entertainment setup, thanks to its simple controls and compatibility with most streaming services.

The Sonos Surround Set with- Arc, Sub, and One SL allows for simple voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Simply request that your favorite music be played, the volume be adjusted, or the weather be checked without lifting a finger. You can also control the entire system from your phone using the Sonos app, making it simple to manage music, settings, and more. You can enjoy the convenience of hands-free management of your entertainment system with voice control, making it even more enjoyable to use.

The Sonos Arc, Sub, and One SL elevates your home theater experience by delivering twice the bass via its wireless subwoofer. The Sub's two force-cancelling drivers eliminate vibration and distortion, resulting in deep, rich bass that is free of buzz and rattle. The sound is crystal-clear and immersive thanks to the Arc's 11 high-performance drivers. You can also control your sound system with your voice or through the Sonos app, making it a convenient and enjoyable experience.

connect your source directly
The Sonos-Surround-Set with Arc, Sub, and One SL allows you to connect your audio sources in a flexible and seamless manner. You can use the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, or connect your source directly to the Arc via the HDMI eARC port. This allows for easy switching between different sources, whether you're streaming music, watching a movie, or playing a video game. The Sonos Surround Set provides a convenient and versatile audio experience with multiple ways to connect your devices.

The Sonos Surround Set - Sonos Arc, Sub, and One SL provides excellent audio performance, with clear dialogue and a rich, immersive soundstage. The Sonos Arc soundbar features 11 high-performance drivers that produce a wide range of frequencies, while the Sub adds powerful and dynamic bass. The One SL speakers produce a detailed and clear sound that fills the room. With Dolby Atmos support, this set offers an authentic and cinematic listening experience that can turn your home into a movie theater.

The Sonos Surround Set - Sonos Arc, Sub, and One SL features a sleek and modern design that fits in with any home entertainment setup. The Sonos Arc has a slim profile and a streamlined appearance, whereas the Sub is compact and can be placed in any corner discreetly. The One SL speakers are also small and unobtrusive, making them ideal for use in small spaces. The set's overall design is simple yet elegant, making it a fashionable addition to any home theater.



Sales Package Arc, Power Cable, HDMI Cable, Optical Audio Adapter, Quickstart Guide, and Legal Booklet

Sub, Power Cable, Quickstart Guide, and Legal Booklet

2 each of Sonos One SL, Power Cable, Quickstart Guide, and Legal Booklet
Brand Sonos
Model Surround Set
Color black
Power supply Auto-switching 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz AC universal input.
Ethernet Port 1 10/100 Mbps ethernet port. Wire directly to your router if WiFi is unreliable
WiFi Connects to your home WiFi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast-capable router.
Apple AirPlay 2 Works with AirPlay 2 on Apple devices iOS 11.4 and higher
Infrared (IR) receiver Syncs with your TV remote for streamlined control
CPU Quad Core
1.4 GHz A-53
Memory 1GB SDRAM
CPU Single Core
1 GHz
Warranty Type Manufacturers
Warranty Period 1 Year
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