Revel Performa3 B110v2 Active Subwoofer - AVFive
Revel Performa3 B110v2 Active Subwoofer - AVFive
Revel Performa3 B110v2 Active Subwoofer - AVFive
Revel Performa3 B110v2 Active Subwoofer - AVFive

Revel Performa3 B110v2 Active Subwoofer

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Product description

Product Description

  • Setting new benchmarks for low frequency detail, musicality, and refinement is the Revel Performa3 B110v2 subwoofer.
  • woofer has been upgraded and has 82% more linear excursion than the B110.
  • Klippel-optimized magnet system weighing 19.2 lbs.
  • Copper voice coil coiled in a two-layer shape, 50 mm.
  • Unwanted cabinet vibration is virtually eliminated by carefully placed internal bracing.

Product Features

The Revel Performa3 loudspeaker series is intended for audiophiles and home theatre enthusiasts. The series includes floor-standing, bookshelf, and center-channel speakers in a variety of sleek, modern designs and cutting-edge technologies. For exceptional clarity and accuracy, the Performa3 series employs advanced driver materials such as ceramic composite cones and beryllium tweeters. The speakers also have precision-engineered enclosures for increased rigidity and low resonance, as well as high-order crossovers for seamless driver integration.

Revel Performa3 speakers are ideal for discerning listeners who demand the best in audio performance, thanks to their dynamic, lifelike sound and premium construction.


Mechanisms for reducing distortion
The patented Constant Acoustic Impedance (CAI) waveguide and the patent-pending Acoustic Lens, both of which work to provide accurate sound reproduction, are included in the Revel Performa3. The CAI waveguide ensures even sound dispersion, while the Acoustic Lens reduces high-frequency diffraction for better clarity. Furthermore, the Performa3 employs a high-order crossover network to ensure seamless integration of drivers, as well as advanced computer modelling to optimise cabinet design for maximum performance. These mechanisms cooperate to reduce distortion and deliver a clear and accurate listening experience.

Aluminum cones with ribs
Ribbed aluminium cones on the Revel Performa-3 are intended to reduce distortion and improve sound quality. These cones have been designed to keep their shape even when subjected to high stress, ensuring consistent performance over time. Furthermore, the ribbed design aids in breaking up standing waves and reducing resonances within the cone itself. This results in more precise and detailed sound reproduction, especially in the midrange frequencies.


Waveguides that are new
The new waveguides in the Revel -Performa-3 series improve the high-frequency performance of the speakers. The waveguides are intended to improve the directivity of the tweeters, which aids in the reduction of reflections and the enhancement of the soundstage. The waveguides are also made of high-quality materials, which aid in the reduction of distortion and improvement of overall clarity. The Performa3 Revel  speakers can now deliver a more detailed and lifelike sound that accurately reproduces the nuances of your favourite music and movies thanks to these new waveguides.

Luxury cabinetmakers in Italy
The "Revel Performa 3" speakers are not only high-performing, but also stylish. The cabinets are handcrafted by Italian luxury cabinetmakers who use high-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to achieve an elegant and sleek appearance. The "Revel Performa3" speakers are a top choice for those who want the best of both worlds due to their stylish design and cutting-edge technology. These speakers are an excellent addition to any home theatre or audio system, thanks to their excellent sound quality and visually stunning appearance.


Designs for fluid-model ports
The fluid-model port designs on the Revel Performa3 speakers reduce turbulence and distortion, resulting in accurate and clear bass reproduction. These ports are meticulously designed to work in tandem with the speaker's drivers and enclosure, ensuring peak performance. These designs reduce the possibility of unwanted noise and chuffing by lowering the air velocity in the ports. This level of detail demonstrates Revel's dedication to providing the highest level of performance in their speakers, making the Performa3 series an excellent choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking a truly immersive listening experience.

Crossovers that are more advanced
The advanced crossovers on the Revel Performa 3 loudspeakers use high-quality components and precisely tune the sound to deliver exceptional clarity and accuracy. The crossovers are designed to ensure smooth transitions between drivers while also optimising each driver's performance individually. As a result, the sound is seamless and cohesive, faithfully reproducing the original recording with incredible detail and nuance. Furthermore, the crossovers are meticulously tuned to work with the other components of the loudspeaker, such as the drivers and enclosures, to achieve the best possible sound quality.




Sales Package Subwoofer and User Documentation
Brand revel
Model Performa3 B110v2
Color black
Driver Components Coated paper/pulp cone with 50mm two-layer copper voice coil, vented ceramic 5 magnet assembly and vented die-cast aluminum frame
Amplifier Power 1000 Watts RMS
Crossover Frequencies 50Hz - 150Hz low-pass filter with LFE bypass
Low Frequency Extension (normal mode) 27Hz (-10dB); 30Hz (-6dB); 34.4Hz (-3dB)
Low Frequency Extension (extended mode) 24Hz (-10dB); 27Hz (-6dB); 30Hz (-3dB)
Input Sensitivity 400mV (full power)/20k Ohms (balanced); 14k Ohms (unbalanced)
Enclosure Type Sealed
Inputs Balanced (XLR), unbalanced (RCA)
Height 16.875” (428 mm)
Width 14.31” (364 mm)
Depth 13.44” (342 mm)
Weight 24.4 kg
Warranty Type Manufacturers
Warranty Period 1 Year
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