Revel L12-XC 12-Inch Direct Burial Outdoor Subwoofer Speaker - AVFive
Revel L12-XC 12-Inch Direct Burial Outdoor Subwoofer Speaker - AVFive

Revel L12-XC 12-Inch Direct Burial Outdoor Subwoofer Speaker

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Product description

Product Description

  • The subsurface enclosure is rated IP67.
  • The above-ground canopy has an IP43 certification.
  • It contains an aluminium cone woofer that is 12-inches long (305mm).
  • Selectable power taps up to 250W are available, and it operates in 6-Ohm or 70V through an external transformer.

Product Features

The Revel L12-XC is a versatile and high-performance outdoor speaker. It has a weatherproof enclosure and an IP67 rating for dependable operation in all weather conditions. A carbon-infused polypropylene cone woofer and an aluminium dome tweeter provide exceptional sound quality with precise imaging and dynamic range. The L12-XC also includes a high-quality transformer for versatile installation and a stainless steel input screw terminal for simple wiring. The Revel-L12-XC is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality outdoor audio due to its durable construction and superior audio performance.


Subwoofer Buried Directly
The Revel L-12-XC is an in-ground or partially exposed direct burial subwoofer. It has a weather-resistant enclosure designed to withstand outdoor environments, as well as a long-excursion aluminium cone woofer that delivers powerful and dynamic bass response. The L12-xC also has a waterproof connector and an IP68 rating, which ensures water and dust protection. The Revel L12-Xc is an excellent choice for enhancing outdoor audio systems and adding low-frequency impact to music and movies due to its versatile installation options and durable design.


A sturdy aluminium cone woofer
The 12-inch aluminium cone woofer in the Revel l12-XC is designed to deliver powerful and accurate bass performance. The lightweight yet rigid aluminium cone moves air more efficiently and without distortion. As a result, the bass is tight and precise, even at high volume levels. The woofer is also built to withstand outdoor conditions and can be used in direct burial applications. The L12XC is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add high-quality, long-lasting bass to their outdoor audio system due to its rugged construction and powerful performance.


Design for concealment
The Revel L12 XC subwoofer has a stealth design that allows it to blend in with outdoor environments. The enclosure is made of high-density polyethylene and is weather resistant, making it ideal for use in outdoor settings. The subwoofer also has a weather-resistant grille to protect the driver from the elements. The L12-XC's low profile design allows for a discreet and hidden installation, providing exceptional bass performance without detracting from the aesthetic of your outdoor space.


Strong bass response
Because of its large aluminium cone woofer and high-quality construction, the L12-XC Revel provides powerful and accurate bass response. The subwoofer is engineered to produce deep, impactful bass with minimal distortion, making it ideal for music and home theatre applications. The XC-L12 can easily fill a large room with rich, immersive sound thanks to a frequency response range of 27Hz to 150Hz and a peak power handling of 500 watts. Furthermore, its tough construction and stealthy design make it an excellent choice for outdoor use, allowing you to enjoy exceptional sound quality in any setting.

Housing made of composite materials
The XC-Revel L12 subwoofer has a composite housing that provides excellent protection against the elements. The subwoofer's durable housing ensures that it can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor installations. Furthermore, the composite material dampens vibrations that can degrade sound quality. The L12XC also has a sleek and stealthy design that blends in with outdoor environments. The L12 XC subwoofer is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their outdoor sound system due to its powerful bass response and durable construction.


The powerful and long-lasting Revel L12-XC direct burial subwoofer is an excellent choice for outdoor sound systems. Its long-lasting aluminium cone woofer and composite housing ensure dependability and excellent sound quality. The stealth design allows it to blend in with the outdoors, while the powerful bass response ensures that every note is heard. This weather-resistant IP56 subwoofer is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.




Sales Package Revel L12-XC 12-Inch Direct Burial Outdoor Subwoofer Speaker and User documentation
Brand Revel
Model L12-XC
Color black
Dimension 87.8cm/45.5cm/88.7cm
Weight 30.1kg
Low-frequency Driver Components 12" Anodized Aluminum Cone Subwoofer
Recommended Amplifier Power 250W RMS
Sensitivity 86dB (2.83V @1M) Without Transformer
Voltage Gain 70 V
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 25Hz – 100kHz @-3dB
Transformer Taps 31.75W, 62.5W, 125W, 250W
Impedance 6 Ohm Without Transformer
Warranty Type Official Manufacturer Warranty
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