Revel C583 In Ceiling Speaker - AVFive
Revel C583 In Ceiling Speaker - AVFive
Revel C583 In Ceiling Speaker - AVFive
Revel C583 In Ceiling Speaker - AVFive
Revel C583 In Ceiling Speaker - AVFive

Revel C583 In Ceiling Speaker

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Product description

Product Description

  • In-Ceiling Speaker, 8".
  • Features 1-inch (25mm) metal-dome tweeter with an integrated waveguide that can be adjusted in angle.
  • cast-frame, long-throw woofers with rubber surrounds.
  • High-order crossover network made using top-notch parts.
  • The boundary compensation switch (C783/C763) enables speaker adjustment.
  • You can adjust for the best response in a variety of acoustical situations or for utilising the speakers without grilles with the three-position tweeter level control (C783/C763/C583/C563).

Product Features

The Revel C583 is a high-performance floor-standing speaker with excellent sound quality and versatility. The C583 can reproduce music and sound effects with incredible accuracy and detail thanks to dual 8-inch long-throw woofers, a 5.25-inch midrange driver, and a 1-inch aluminium dome tweeter. The advanced driver technology and high-order crossover ensure that the speaker maintains exceptional clarity and balance, while its sturdy construction and sleek design make it an appealing addition to any home theatre or high-end audio system. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line floor-standing speaker with unrivalled performance, the Revel- C583 is a must-consider.


Long-throw speakers
The dual 8-inch long-throw woofers in the Revel C-583 are designed to produce deep, powerful bass with exceptional accuracy and detail. These woofers are constructed of high-quality materials, such as aluminium cones and cast frames, and are designed for high output with minimal distortion. The C583's long-throw woofers can reproduce even the lowest frequencies with incredible clarity and impact due to their extended excursion capabilities, making them ideal for use in high-end audio and home theatre systems.

High output while minimising distortion
Because of its advanced driver technology and precision tuning, the Revel- C-583 is designed to deliver high output with low distortion. The 5.25-inch midrange driver and 1-inch aluminium dome tweeter in the speaker have been carefully matched and optimised for seamless integration, while the dual 8-inch long-throw woofers are designed to deliver exceptional low-frequency performance with minimal distortion. As a result, even at high volumes, the speaker can play loudly and dynamically while maintaining exceptional clarity and detail.


Tweeter with a metal dome
The Revel c583 includes a 1-inch aluminium dome tweeter with exceptional clarity and detail. The tweeter is designed to accurately and precisely reproduce high-frequency sounds while minimising distortion and coloration. Because the aluminium dome is lightweight and rigid, it can react quickly to changes in music or sound effects. As a result, the c583 produces a more natural and lifelike sound, making it ideal for use in high-end audio and home theatre systems that require the highest levels of performance.

Crossover network with high order
The C583-Revel has a high-order crossover network that ensures seamless integration of the speaker's drivers. The crossover is built with high-quality components and meticulously tuned to optimise the frequency response and minimise phase distortion. The C583's crossover, with its high-order design, is able to maintain excellent separation between the speaker's drivers, resulting in exceptional clarity and detail across the entire frequency range. As a result, the c-583 is an excellent choice for use in high-end audio and home theatre systems that require maximum performance.


Tweeter with three positions
The C583-Revel has a three-position tweeter level adjustment, allowing you to tailor the speaker's high-frequency performance to your listening environment and personal preferences. The adjustment is simple, and you can choose between a flat response, a slight boost, or a slight cut to the tweeter's output via a switch on the speaker's rear panel. This adaptability makes it simple to optimise the C583's performance for a wide variety of music genres and listening environments.

speakers devoid of grilles
The Revel c 583 is intended to be both aesthetically pleasing and sonically superior, and one way this is accomplished is by eliminating the need for grilles on the front baffle. This reveals the speaker's drivers in all their glory and adds a touch of elegance to any listening environment. The C583's drivers are meticulously designed and finished to be both attractive and functional, resulting in a speaker that is both enjoyable to listen to and beautiful to look at.





Sales Package In Ceiling Speaker and User Documentation
Brand revel
Model C583
Color white
Features Includes both round and square zero-bezel magnetic grilles • Round grille finished dimension (dia.) 10.7" (27.2 cm)
High-frequency Driver Components 1" aluminum dome swiveling tweeter with waveguide
Low Frequency Extension High Frequency Extension (-10dB) 3-position HF level control
Low-frequency Driver Components 8" Micro-Ceramic Composite (MCC) Cone, Cast-Aluminum Frame Woofer
Mounting C-2 fastening mechanism

Compatible with wall material thickness range 0.5" – 2.0" (1.3 cm – 5.0 cm)
Recommended Amplifier Power 10 - 135 W RMS
Height Cutout dimensions (dia.) 9.6" (24.4 cm) Square grille finished Height 10.7" (27.2 cm)
Width Square grille finished Width 10.7" (27.2 cm)
Depth Mounting depth 5.2" (13.2 cm)
Weight 2.8 lb (1.3 kg)
Warranty Type Manufacturers
Warranty Period 1 Year
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