Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II 3-Way Floor standing Speaker (Pair) - AVFive
Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II 3-Way Floor standing Speaker (Pair) - AVFive
Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II 3-Way Floor standing Speaker (Pair) - AVFive

Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II 3-Way Floor standing Speaker (Pair)

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Product description

Product Description

  • It contains a built-in 3-Way sound reflex system with seven drivers.
  • It is 4 x 8 "long-throw RDT II bass drivers.
  • It has a 2 x 4 "mid-range drivers from RDT II.
  • It has a high frequency MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) transducer.
  • For a more natural sound, it incorporates a DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter) technology.

Product Features

The Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II floor-standing speaker promises to deliver exceptional audio quality for an immersive listening experience. This speaker is intended for music and home theatre enthusiasts who want to elevate their audio experience. In this article, we will look at the Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II's design, build, performance, connectivity options, and audio quality.

Create and construct
The Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II is the company's flagship floor-standing speaker. This speaker was created with precision, quality, and performance in mind. The build quality is excellent, and the design is modern, making it an excellent addition to any home entertainment system.

The Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II's sleek and modern design is one of its most notable features. The cabinet is finished with a high-gloss black lacquer that is both fashionable and long-lasting. In addition, the speaker has a curved design that not only looks great but also helps to reduce internal standing waves and improve overall sound quality.


The Platinum-PL500 II from Monitor-Audio is a three-way design with two 6.5" C-CAM bass drivers, one 6.5" C-CAM mid-range driver, and a 1" C-CAM gold dome tweeter. C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium) drivers are well-known for their high-quality sound reproduction and long-lasting durability.

The Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II is a high-end floor-standing speaker with exceptional performance. The PL500 II is a speaker built to last and deliver outstanding audio quality, with a design and build quality that reflect its premium price point.

The PL500 II is a three-way design with two 8-inch C-CAM bass drivers and a 6-inch C-CAM midrange driver. Monitor-proprietary Audio's Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium (C-CAM) material is used in these drivers, which is known for its lightweight yet rigid properties, delivering tight, accurate bass and mid-range responses. Monitor-signature Audio's gold C-CAM tweeter, renowned for its smooth and detailed performance, handles high-frequency reproduction.

Options for connectivity
The Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II comes with a variety of connectivity options that allow you to connect it to a wide range of devices. Standard speaker wire inputs are available, allowing you to connect the speakers to an amplifier or receiver. Furthermore, the speakers are compatible with a variety of audio formats, including stereo and multichannel audio.


This versatile speaker system also supports bi-wiring and bi-amping, allowing you to further optimise your sound by separating the signals for high and low frequencies. This improves overall sound quality and clarity.

Sound quality
The Platinum-PL500 II from Monitor-Audio is a high-performance floor-standing speaker with exceptional audio quality. This speaker is intended to produce a balanced and natural sound that brings out the best in any genre of music.

The PL500 II features two 8-inch RDT II mid-bass drivers and a 1-inch Gold C-CAM tweeter, which can produce clear and detailed highs while the bass drivers produce powerful and punchy bass tones. The RDT II drivers are constructed of Monitor-patented Audio's Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium (C-CAM) material, which is lightweight and rigid, allowing the drivers to produce accurate and distortion-free sound.


Mechanism of the DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter)
The Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II speakers feature a DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter) mechanism that improves overall audio quality. The purpose of this mechanism is to eliminate unwanted vibrations and distortions in the speaker cone. It works by connecting the speaker cone to the cabinet, resulting in more accurate and consistent performance. The DCF mechanism allows for more efficient energy transfer from the speaker driver to the air, resulting in clearer, more detailed sound. The DCF mechanism is an important part of the PL500 II's design and demonstrates Monitor-commitment Audio's to providing the highest level of sound quality.

High frequency MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) transducer
The MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer in the Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II is designed to provide a pure and accurate top-end sound. MPD technology enables quick and responsive performance, ensuring that even the smallest audio details are captured and delivered clearly. The MPD transducer plays an important role in the Platinum-PL500 II's ability to provide an immersive listening experience with rich and detailed audio reproduction.


RDT II mid-range drivers, 2 x 4"
The "Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II" features two 4-inch RDT II mid-range drivers. RDT II is a Monitor Audio proprietary technology that stands for Rigid Diaphragm Technology. These drivers are designed to provide precise and powerful mid-range performance. The 4-inch size is popular for mid-range drivers and provides a good balance of compactness and performance. RDT II technology ensures that the drivers can produce high-quality mid-range sound without distortion, resulting in a clear and balanced audio experience.

RDT II 4 x 8" long throw bass drivers
Four 8-inch RDT II long throw bass drivers are used in the Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II floor-standing loudspeaker. These drivers employ cutting-edge RDT technology to deliver deep and powerful bass response with high accuracy and clarity. Because of the large size of these drivers, the PL500 II can handle high power levels, making it an excellent choice for high-performance audio systems. The RDT II technology, combined with the other components of the PL500 II, results in a speaker that delivers powerful, accurate, and detailed audio that will fill any room with rich and engaging sound.


7-driver 3-way sound reflex system
The Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II is a premium floorstanding speaker with a 3-way sound reflex system and seven drivers. The 3-way design optimises audio quality by separating high, mid, and low frequencies and directing them to the appropriate drivers. The clear and accurate mid-range frequencies are produced by the 2 x 4" RDT II mid-range drivers, while the powerful and tight bass is produced by the 4 x 8" RDT II long throw bass drivers.

The Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II, in addition to the RDT II drivers, includes an MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer, which is responsible for delivering pure and detailed high-frequency sound. The speaker's DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter) mechanism ensures that the drivers work in perfect harmony to produce a balanced and natural sound.


Finally, the Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II is a high-end floor-standing speaker that provides an immersive and premium audio experience. It provides an unrivalled rich and powerful sound in its class thanks to its advanced DCF mechanism, MPD high frequency transducer, 4 RDT II long throw bass drivers, and 3-way sound reflex system. Whether you're looking for a speaker to complement your home theatre system or simply want to listen to music in the highest quality possible, the Monitor-Audio Platinum-PL500 II is an excellent choice that will deliver an outstanding performance every time.




Sales Package Mouse,Receiver, User documentation
Brand monitor-audio
Model platinum-pl500 II
Color black
Dimension Including Plinth and Terminals:1802.8 x 503.61 x 625.24 mm
Including Feet and Spikes:1848.1 x 503.61 x 625.24 mm
Weight 99.1 kg
System Format 3 Way — 7 Driver
Frequency Response (-6 dB - IEC 268-13) 22 Hz – 100 kHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M) 91 dB
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms (4.2 ohms min. @ 120 Hz)
Maximum SPL 120 dBA (pair)
Power Handling (RMS) 400 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements 150 — 400 W
Cabinet Design Four HiVe II ports
ealed mid-range TLE enclosure
Drive Unit Complement 4 x 8" RDT II long-throw bass drivers
2 x 4" RDT II mid-range driver
1 x MPD high frequency transducer
Crossover Frequency MF/HF: 3.6 kHz
LF/MF: 460 Hz
Warranty Type Official Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty Period 5 year
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