Monitor Audio CP-CT150 Controlled Power In-Ceiling Speaker (Each) - AVFive
Monitor Audio CP-CT150 Controlled Power In-Ceiling Speaker (Each) - AVFive

Monitor Audio CP-CT150 Controlled Power In-Ceiling Speaker (Each)

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Product description

Product Description

  • It has a two-way sound system.
  • It contains 5 "cone bass driver MMP II.
  • It has 1 "C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter with pivot.
  • High frequency level adjustment (+/-3 dB) is available.
  • Steel grille that is magnetic and easily removed.

Product Features

The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is a small, high-quality centre channel speaker that delivers an immersive audio experience. The CP-CT150 is an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade their home theatre system, thanks to its sleek, minimalist design and high-quality components.

Create and construct
The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is a compact and versatile centre channel speaker designed for home theatre systems to deliver crystal-clear dialogue and vocals. The speaker's sleek, low-profile design makes it simple to integrate into your home entertainment system.

The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 has an excellent build quality, with a durable and stylish cabinet made of high-quality materials. The speaker has a 1" C-CAM gold dome tweeter and two 5" C-CAM bass drivers that are designed to deliver high-quality audio across a wide frequency range.


The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is a 2-way speaker with a vented cabinet that reduces unwanted resonance and improves sound quality. The speaker also includes high-quality crossovers that have been meticulously tuned to ensure accurate and consistent audio reproduction.

The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is intended to produce high-quality sound. Because of its small size and sleek design, it is suitable for both home theatre and music systems. The speaker has a 6.5" C-CAM cone bass driver and a 1" C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter, which work together to produce rich, detailed audio. The 2-way design of the speaker improves its performance by delivering clear and balanced sound across the frequency range. Furthermore, the speaker's low-resonance cabinet construction aids in the reduction of unwanted vibrations or distortions. The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 also has an innovative sound reflex system that improves overall sound performance. Overall, the Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is a high-performance speaker that is intended to provide a dynamic and immersive audio experience.

Options for connectivity
The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is a small and versatile in-ceiling speaker that can be used in a variety of home entertainment and multi-room audio systems. It has a variety of connectivity options to accommodate various setups and preferences.

Dual gold-plated binding post inputs on the speaker allow for bi-wiring or bi-amping for improved sound quality. This means that the user can separate the audio signals and drive the tweeter and bass drivers independently, potentially improving clarity, dynamics, and overall performance.


Furthermore, the CP-CT150 has a quick and easy installation mechanism that makes it simple to install into a standard ceiling cut-out. This enables a quick and clean setup, which is ideal for those looking for a minimalistic and discrete home entertainment system.

Sound quality
The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is well-known for its superior audio quality. This small in-ceiling speaker is intended to provide clear, detailed, and balanced sound that will improve the listening experience in any room. The CP-CT150 produces rich, warm mid-range frequencies and clear, natural high-frequency sounds thanks to its 6.5-inch C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum Magnesium) bass/mid-range driver and 1-inch C-CAM gold dome tweeter. Furthermore, the two-way design of the speaker, combined with the innovative C-CAM technology, helps to minimise distortion and deliver a smooth, accurate sound across the entire frequency range. This combination of advanced engineering and premium materials results in powerful and precise audio quality.

Further scrim material
The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is a high-end in-ceiling speaker that was created with quality and performance in mind. One of its distinguishing features is the addition of scrim material to the speaker's construction. The scrim is a thin layer of material that is



added to the cone and surrounds of a speaker to help reduce distortion and improve overall sound quality. As a result, the sound is more accurate and natural, allowing for a more immersive listening experience. Furthermore, the scrim material contributes to the speaker's durability, making it more resistant to damage over time. Overall, the use of scrim in the Monitor Audio CP-CT150 demonstrates the company's dedication to producing high-quality, performance-oriented audio products that are built to last.

Surface that can be painted and blended
The paintable surface of the Monitor Audio CP-CT150 allows it to blend in with the surrounding decor. This feature is important because it helps to keep the room's aesthetic without the speaker being a noticeable distraction. The paintable surface is easily customised to match the colour of the walls, resulting in a neat and clean appearance. This feature makes the CP-CT150 an excellent choice for those seeking an in-ceiling speaker that delivers high-quality audio while blending into the background.

Steel grille that is magnetic and easily removable
The magnetic and easily removable steel grille on the "Monitor Audio CP-CT150" allows for easy access to the drivers for maintenance and painting the surface to blend in with its surroundings. The steel grille is intended to be painted with a surface colour that blends in with the ceiling or wall, making it less noticeable. This feature enhances the speaker's overall design flexibility and allows it to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.


Adjustment of the high frequency level (+/-3dB)
The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 has a high frequency level adjustment (+/-3dB), allowing users to tailor the speaker's high frequency output to their specific room and preferences. This feature gives you more control over the sound of the speaker, making it easier to achieve the desired audio quality in any situation.

Overall efficiency is very high
The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is a highly efficient speaker, which means it can produce high levels of sound while using less power. This can result in improved performance and reduced distortion even when driven by lower-powered amplifiers or receivers, making it an excellent choice for both home theatre and multi-room audio setups.

C-CAM gold dome tweeter and MMPII bass driver pivot
The "Monitor Audio CP-CT150" is equipped with a pivoting C-CAM gold dome tweeter and an MMPII bass driver, both of which are designed to produce high-quality sound with a wide frequency response. The gold dome tweeter reproduces high frequencies clearly and accurately, while the MMPII bass driver delivers powerful and accurate bass performance. The pivoting tweeter also allows for simple positioning and sound optimization in the listening area. The combination of these drivers results in a balanced and immersive audio experience in a small and simple to install in-ceiling speaker.


The Monitor Audio CP-CT150 is a high-performance in-ceiling speaker that is ideal for reproducing high-quality audio in any living space. Its pivoting C-CAM gold dome tweeter and MMPII bass driver provide crisp, clear audio with excellent detail. The speaker also has a high frequency level adjustment (+/-3dB) so that users can fine-tune the audio output to their liking.

With a paintable surface that can blend seamlessly into the ceiling and a magnetic and easily removable steel grille, the speaker's design is optimised for easy installation and integration into any home or office space. For maximum audio performance, the CP-CT150 also includes additional scrim material and a high overall efficiency.




Sales Package Monitor Audio CP-CT150 Controlled Power In-Ceiling Speaker and User documentation
Brand monitor-audio
Model CP-CT150
Color black
Dimension Overall Diameter (including grille):250 mm(9 13/16 inches)
Overall Depth (including grille):155mm (6 1/8 inches)
Cut Out Diameter:212mm (8 3/8 inches)
Mounting Depth:151mm (5 15/16 inches)
Weight 2.14 Kg
Frequency Response 75 Hz – 25 kHz
Nominal Impedance 6 ohms
Sensitivity (1W@1M) 85 dB
Maximum SPL 102.8 dBA
Power Handling (RMS) 50 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements 20 – 50 W
Crossover Frequency 2.8 kHz @ 12 dB / Octave
Drive Unit Complement 2-Way
5" MMP II cone bass driver
1" C-CAM pivoting Gold Dome tweeter
Adjustment Controls HF Level Switch (+3 dB / 0 dB / -3 dB)
Fixing Type 3 position Tri-Grip dog leg fixings
Construction Material Mineral Filled ABS Plastic (RoHS2 Compliant)
Connection Gold plated 'push' type terminals
Pre-Construction Bracket CB6 Pre-Construction Bracket (Purple)
Warranty Type Official Manufacturer Warranty
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