Mission QX-12 MKII Subwoofer - AVFive
Mission QX-12 MKII Subwoofer - AVFive
Mission QX-12 MKII Subwoofer - AVFive

Mission QX-12 MKII Subwoofer

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Product description

Product Description

  • Features Cone system with DiaDrive technology.
  • The great sensitivity of an oversized magnet motor technology allows for the most dynamic impact from any amplifier.
  • A new treble unit called a "ring dome" provides a lot of melodic detail with little distortion.
  • The slot port is shaped to produce precise bass performance by reducing "chuffing" distortion.
  • Mission's venerable IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry) driver format is used by the Mission QX series.
  • Mission DiaDrive technology is used in bass drivers.

Product Features

The Mission QX-12 is a high-performance bookshelf speaker with a sleek design and advanced driver technologies. The QX-12 is a two-way speaker system with a 6.5-inch bass driver and a 1.5-inch dome tweeter. The bass driver is made of woven polypropylene, which is lightweight but rigid, resulting in accurate and responsive bass. The tweeter is designed with a soft-dome to deliver clear and detailed high frequencies.

The QX12 also has a high-quality crossover network that ensures seamless driver integration. The Mission -QX-12 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance bookshelf speaker, thanks to its impressive sound quality and appealing design.

Drivers of low frequencies
The Mission QX 12 is equipped with two 6.5-inch composite cone bass drivers that are designed to deliver powerful and precise low-frequency performance. The cones are made of an aramid fibre and resin blend, which results in excellent rigidity and minimal distortion. Because the bass drivers are placed at the top and bottom of the speaker cabinet, the Q-X-12 can produce deep, accurate bass that fills the room. The Mission QX-12's bass drivers, with their advanced materials and design, provide an exceptional listening experience that will satisfy even the most discerning audiophile.


the 'chuffing' distortion
The "Mission QX-12" was created to reduce "chuffing" distortion caused by airflow through the driver. This distortion can muddy or distort bass notes by affecting their clarity and accuracy. To reduce unwanted distortions, the QX-12's bass drivers employ a combination of advanced materials and construction techniques. The bass notes become more articulate and precise as a result, and the overall sound quality improves.


performance of the bass
The Mission QX-1ll is equipped with a dual-driver bass reflex design with two 170mm (6.5 inch) woofers that produce powerful, deep bass. The cones on the drivers are lightweight and rigid, allowing for a quick and accurate response to dynamic changes in music. As a result, the bass is tight and well-defined while not overpowering the rest of the frequency range. Furthermore, there is no discernible distortion or 'chuffing' in the bass, ensuring a clean and enjoyable listening experience.


high musical levels
The Mission QX12 is built to handle loud music with ease. Its two bass drivers deliver powerful and dynamic bass performance, while its midrange and treble drivers deliver clear and accurate sound reproduction across the frequency spectrum. The Qx-12 can handle even the most demanding music genres, with a sensitivity of 91 dB and power handling of up to 200 watts. Its advanced crossover design and high-quality components ensure that each driver performs optimally, providing music lovers with an immersive and engaging listening experience.

heightened sensitivity
The Mission qX-12 has a high sensitivity, which allows it to produce a significant amount of sound output while using a small amount of amplifier power. This makes it an excellent choice for users who want to build a high-volume audio setup without investing in a powerful amplifier. The QX-12's sensitivity rating of 90dB allows it to produce impressive volume levels without sacrificing sound quality. Furthermore, the high sensitivity allows users to match the speaker with a wider range of amplifiers, giving them more flexibility when configuring their home audio setup.

Finally, the QX-12 Mission is a powerful floor-standing speaker with exceptional bass performance, high sensitivity, and clear and detailed sound. Its bass drivers are specifically designed to reduce chuffing distortion, producing a smooth and natural sound. Because of the speaker's high sensitivity, it can produce loud music without losing clarity or detail. The QX-12's sleek and stylish design also makes it an excellent addition to any home theatre or music setup.




Sales Package Subwoofer and User Documentation
Brand Mission
Model QX-12 Sub
Color black
General Description Active Dynamic-Drive IB subwoofer system
Enclosure Type Front ported
Driver 1 x (12") 300mm cone long-throw
Amplifier power output 300 W
Peak power output 450 W
Input sensitivity 200 MV / 150 W
Crossover range 30-150 Hz
Input Impedance line input 10k Ohms, LFE 5k Ohms
Signal-to-noise ratio 85 dB
Avg. max output @1m 118 dB
Features phase inversion, auto on-off
Frequency Response(+/-3dB) 30 ~ 150 Hz
Dimension (420+58)with feet x 400 x (450+15)mm
Weight 23 kg
Warranty Type Manufacturers
Warranty Period 1 Year
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