Mission LX-5 MKII Floor standing Speakers (Pair) - AVFive
Mission LX-5 MKII Floor standing Speakers (Pair) - AVFive

Mission LX-5 MKII Floor standing Speakers (Pair)

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Product description

Product Description

  • A pair of floor-standing speakers.
  • features a driver geometry that is inverted.
  • Crossover and Advanced New Driver Surrounds.

Product Features

The Mission LX-5 is a powerful floor-standing speaker that performs admirably in both music and movie applications. It has a 2.5-way setup with dual 6.5-inch woofers and a 1-inch dome tweeter for an impressive frequency response range. The reinforced cabinet design keeps the speakers stable and free of unwanted resonance, producing clean and accurate sound. The self-damping mid-range cones improve the overall sound quality, and the balanced on-axis response ensures that the speakers sound great no matter where you listen.


Expert New Driver
The Mission -LX-5 has a cutting-edge new driver design that produces exceptional sound quality. For improved efficiency, the driver incorporates a multi-fibre cone material with a butyl rubber surround and an advanced motor system with a large magnet. As a result, the sound is highly dynamic and detailed, with excellent bass response and midrange reproduction. The driver is also designed to be easy to drive, making the LX-5 a great choice for a wide range of amplifiers.


The "Mission lX-5" has an advanced crossover design that aids in the seamless integration of the various driver units, resulting in a more cohesive and natural sound. The crossover is carefully tuned to optimise the frequency response and phase coherence of the speaker and uses high-quality components to ensure minimal signal loss and distortion. This enables the "Mission Lx-5" to produce a smooth and balanced sound free of unwanted coloration or harshness, making it an excellent choice for both music and home theatre applications.


Design of an Inverted Driver Geometry
To improve performance, the "LX-5 Mission" speaker employs an innovative "Inverted Driver Geometry" design. The tweeter is placed below the mid-range and bass drivers in this design, creating a more precise soundstage and improving time alignment between the drivers. Furthermore, the speakers employ an advanced crossover design to ensure seamless integration of the drivers, resulting in a balanced and cohesive sound. These features, combined with the use of high-quality materials and construction, contribute to the "Mission LX-5's" impressive audio performance and distinguish it as a standout option in its price range.


A floor standing 2-way speaker
The Mission lx-5 is a 2-way floor standing speaker that produces high-quality sound. It has a new advanced driver system with a custom-designed 25mm tweeter and a new 165mm mid/bass driver. The driver system is mounted on an Inverted Driver Geometry design, which aids in sound dispersion and distortion reduction. The crossover on the speaker is also carefully tuned to ensure seamless integration of the drivers. As a result, the LX-5 Mission speaker produces a dynamic and engaging sound that is well-balanced and detailed, making it an excellent choice for music enthusiasts looking for a high-quality floor standing speaker.


Mid/low-frequency driver
The Mission L-X-5 has an advanced mid/bass driver that performs well across the frequency spectrum. This driver employs a doped paper cone with a rubber surround to provide high rigidity and damping for accurate and detailed sound reproduction. The driver also has a cast magnesium alloy chassis, which adds strength and stability while reducing distortion and resonance. As a result, the mid/bass driver can easily handle complex and demanding music, delivering a precise and dynamic sound that is faithful to the original recording.


The Mission- L-X-5's cabinet is made of non-resonant MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), which provides a more accurate and clear sound. Furthermore, the cabinet is internally braced to reduce vibration and improve rigidity. The curved front baffle not only adds to the speaker's aesthetic appeal but also helps to reduce diffraction, resulting in a more natural sound. The L-X-5 is available in three appealing finishes: black, white, and walnut, making it suitable for any home décor.




Sales Package Floorstanding Speakers and User Documentation
Brand Mission
Model LX-5 MKII
Year 2021
Color black
General description 2-Way Floorstanding Speaker
Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
Bass driver 6.5"(165 mm) composite fibre x 2
Treble driver 25 mm microfibre dome
AV shield No
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m) 90 dB
Recommended amplifier power 30-150 W
Peak SPL 106 dB
Nominal Impedance 8Ω Compatible
Minimum Impedance 4.2Ω
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 42Hz ~ 20kHz
Bass Extension(-6dB) 38 Hz
Crossover Frequency 2.3 kHz
Cabinet Volume (in litres) 42 L
Height (on plinth) (975+20)mm
Width 226 mm
Depth (with terminals) (300+8)mm
Net Weight 19.1 Kg
Warranty Type Manufacturers
Warranty Period 1 Year
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