Dynaudio Excite X24 Center Speaker

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Product description

Product Description

  • Dual mid/woofers are present in the Excite X24 center
  • Given its linear 8 Ohm impedance, it works flawlessly with any AV receiver.
  • MSP driver cones, soft dome tweeter diaphragms, and thin voice coils made of aluminium.
  • A front grille for the Excite X24 cabinet is magnetically fastened.

Product Features

The Dynaudio Excite X24 is a small but powerful bookshelf speaker. Its 14cm MSP woofer and 28mm soft dome tweeter produce detailed, powerful sound. The speaker's powerful magnet system and aluminium voice coil provide excellent control and accuracy. The bass response of the X24 is tight and punchy, while the midrange and treble are crisp and clear. The speaker is also well-designed, with a sleek and modern appearance that will complement any decor. The Excite X24 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality bookshelf speaker with excellent sound.

Enthralling Excite sound quality
The Dynaudio-Excite X24 produces enthralling sound with an ideal balance of precision, detail, and dynamics. This floor-standing speaker is powered by an expertly designed crossover and features twin 14cm mid/bass drivers and a 28mm soft-dome tweeter. The MSP driver cones are made of a proprietary magnesium silicate polymer material that provides exceptional rigidity and low mass for stunning sonic accuracy. The X24's stunning finish and sturdy construction round out the package, making it a visually and acoustically impressive addition to any listening room.


The Dynaudio-Excite-X24 is a simple-to-install bookshelf speaker with excellent sound quality. Its small size allows it to fit into tight spaces and is ideal for use in a stereo system or as part of a multi-channel setup. The X-24's 5.5-inch mid/bass driver and 1.1-inch soft-dome tweeter are designed to work in tandem to produce a cohesive and dynamic sound. The X 24 is also available in a variety of finishes, allowing it to blend in with any decor.


Two mid/woofers
For improved performance, the Dynaudio Excite 24X includes two mid/woofers. These 14cm drivers feature Dynaudio's proprietary Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) cone material for superior sound quality. The lightweight yet stiff MSP cones ensure accurate and dynamic bass reproduction. A soft-dome tweeter provides clear and detailed high-frequency reproduction, complementing the dual mid/woofers. Because of the combination of these drivers and materials, the Dynaudio Excite X-24 produces a rich and detailed soundstage, making it an excellent choice for music and home theatre applications.


A dome tweeter made of fabric
The Dynaudio Excite X24 is equipped with a 28mm fabric dome tweeter that provides detailed and natural high-frequency response. The tweeter is designed to work in tandem with the dual mid/woofers to produce a coherent and balanced sound signature. The tweeter's dome shape has been optimised to reduce unwanted resonances and distortion, and the voice coil is made of lightweight aluminium to improve transient response.


High efficiency
The "Dynaudio X24 Excite" produces high-quality audio with exceptional accuracy and detail. This speaker produces a rich and powerful sound with a frequency response of 39Hz to 23kHz. For a smooth and natural sound, it has a 2.5-way design with dual mid/woofers and a fabric dome tweeter. The x24 has an 87dB sensitivity and can handle 200 watts of power. The crossover on the speaker is finely tuned to ensure seamless integration of the drivers for a cohesive and dynamic sound. The 24X is an excellent choice for audiophiles looking for high-quality sound in a small, elegant package.

Voice coils made from aluminium
The X24 Dynaudio Excite features a lightweight aluminium voice coil design that is also highly efficient, allowing for high power handling and distortion-free playback. This design contributes to the creation of a dynamic and engaging sound that is both transparent and accurate. The aluminium voice coils are also extremely thermally stable, ensuring dependable and consistent performance even during extended listening sessions. The Dynaudio Excite X24's advanced driver technology allows it to reproduce a wide range of frequencies with remarkable precision, making it an excellent choice for discerning music lovers and audiophiles alike.

Finally, the Dynaudio Excite X24 is an outstanding bookshelf speaker with exceptional sound quality and performance. This speaker produces clear, precise, and detailed sound with a deep, powerful bass response thanks to its dual mid/woofers and fabric dome tweeter. The use of high-quality materials, such as aluminium voice coils and the MSP cone, ensures that the sound quality is consistent and free of distortion. Furthermore, its compact and stylish design makes it an ideal addition to any home theatre or music system.




Sales Package Speaker and User documentation
Brand Dynaudio
Model Excite X24
Color black
Sensitivity 85 dB (2,83V / 1m)
IEC Power Handling 150 W
Impedance 8 Ohms
Frequency Response (± 3 dB) 55 Hz – 23 kHz
Box Principle Bass Reflex Rear Ported
Crossover 2 way
Crossover Frequency 1800 Hz
Crossover Topology 1st/2nd order
Woofer 2 x 11 cm MSP
Tweeter 28 mm soft dome
Dimension 500 x 145 x 210 mm
Weight 8 kg
Warranty Type Official Manufacturers Warranty
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