Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier - AVFive
Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier - AVFive
Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier - AVFive
Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier - AVFive

Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier

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Product description

Product Description

  • Pure Class A operation can deliver up to 12.5 W per channel.
  • Has a total power of 250 W per channel.
  • large, excellent power supply.
  • Transformer made to order.
  • circuit boards set out by hand.
  • Circuit boards with six layers offer the shortest signal and power paths with the least amount of noise.
  • contains a Mundorf capacitor with 22 4-poles.
  • Nav com® feet that are specially developed to reduce vibration.
  • RCA and speaker connectors with torque-guard technology from Furutech.
  • Excellent material finishes and two specially made LED VU metres.

Product Features

The Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier is a high-end audio product for the most discriminating audiophile. This amplifier is a true work of art, combining advanced engineering with refined aesthetics to create an unforgettable listening experience.

The Delta Stereo Power Amplifier has a Class AB amplifier circuit with a high-current output stage, which produces a robust and powerful sound suitable for even the most demanding speakers. The amplifier also has a custom-made toroidal power transformer and a low-noise linear power supply, which ensures that the sound is clean, precise, and free of unwanted noise or distortion.

The Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier is a high-end audio amplifier that is designed to produce high-quality sound. It has a Class A/B amplifier design with a high-current output stage to produce a powerful and detailed sound. The amplifier is well-built, with high-quality components used throughout. It has a sleek and modern design that will complement any home audio system. The Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier produces a robust 250 watts per channel, more than enough to power even the most demanding speakers. It has a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz, capturing every detail of the music.

The Classe Delta Stereo Audio Power Amplifier is well-known for its clarity. To produce clean and accurate sound, the amplifier employs a custom-designed toroidal transformer and high-current bipolar output transistors. The amplifier also has a balanced circuit topology, which reduces noise and distortion for a pure and transparent listening experience. The Classe  Delta Audio Stereo Power Amplifier can reproduce music with exceptional detail and clarity thanks to a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 120dB. Whether you're listening to classical music or heavy metal, this amplifier provides a precise and dynamic listening experience.

The Classe Audio Power Delta Stereo Amplifier has a sleek and modern design with a minimalist aesthetic that prioritizes function over form. The amplifier is housed in a sturdy chassis made of high-quality materials, with a clean and uncluttered front panel that includes simple controls and indicators. The amplifier's internal circuitry is designed for maximum efficiency and minimal noise, with high-quality components carefully chosen for their sonic properties. As a result, the amplifier produces a clear, detailed sound with a wide dynamic range and excellent clarity. The Classe Audio Delta Power Amplifier exemplifies the company's dedication to quality and innovation, and it is certain to please even the most discerning audiophile.

The Classe Audio Stereo Power Amplifier Delta  is an excellent choice. It can deliver a wide frequency range with exceptional clarity and detail, ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The amplifier can also deliver a high signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring that music sounds clean and clear even at high volumes. The Classe Audio Delta-Stereo Power Amplifier is an excellent choice for audiophiles who demand the best from their audio systems due to its exceptional performance and design.

The  Stereo Power Classe Audio Delta Amplifier is well-known for its smooth, natural, and detailed sound. With up to 300 watts per channel into 8 ohms, it can easily drive even the most demanding speakers while maintaining a low noise floor and excellent dynamic range. The Classé Audio Delta employs cutting-edge circuitry and high-quality components to produce an accurate and transparent sound that allows the listener to hear every nuance of their music. The amplifier is intended to be as transparent as possible in order to preserve the character of the source material and ensure that the listener hears exactly what the artist intended.

Finally, the Classe Audio Delta Stereo Power Amplifier is a high-end amplifier with exceptional performance and sound quality. Its advanced circuitry and reliable power supply produce exceptional clarity, detail, and dynamics. The elegant and sleek design adds a touch of class to any audio system. While it is a high-end product with a high price tag, it is an excellent investment for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand the best.




Sales Package Delta Stereo Power Amplifier and User Documentation
Brand Classe-Audio
Model Delta Stereo
Color black
Frequency Response
(-3dB, 50Ω source impedance)
1Hz – 650kHz
Continuous Output Power
(at 1kHz, 0.1% THD+N)
12.5W / 8Ω delivered in pure class A operation
250W / 8Ω
500W / 4Ω (with AC line held constant)
350W / 2Ω (with AC line held constant)
Harmonic Distortion
(measurement bandwidth:
500kHz, 25Vrms in 4Ω or 8 Ω)
<0.0016% at 1kHz
<0.002% at 10kHz
<0.003% at 20kHz
Harmonic Distortion
(measurement bandwidth:
90kHz, 25Vrms in 4Ω or 8 Ω)
<0.0007% at 1kHz
<0.001% at 10kHz
<0.0025% at 20kHz
Peak Output Voltage
(nominal AC line)
129Vp-p into 8Ω
138Vp-p no load
Input Impedance
(at 1kHz, BAL / SE)
Voltage Gain
(at 1kHz, BAL / SE)
Intermodulation Distortion
(SMPTE 4:1) (8Ω or 4Ω, BAL / SE)
Intermodulation Distortion
(CCIF) (8Ω or 4Ω, BAL / SE)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
(A wtd in parenthesis) (22kHz BW)
118dB (120dBA)
Slew Rate 75V / μs
Output Impedance 0.009Ω (100Hz), 0.009Ω (1kHz),
0.012Ω (10kHz)
Damping Factor
(at 1kHz, ref 8Ω)
Width 17.50 in (444 mm)
Depth 19.37 in (492 mm)
Height 8.74 in (222 mm)
Gross Weight 116.4 lbs (52.8 kg)
Net Weight 102.3 lbs (46.4 kg)
Warranty Type Manufacturers
Warranty Period 1 Year
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