Cambridge Audio Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier - AVFive
Cambridge Audio Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier - AVFive
Cambridge Audio Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier - AVFive
Cambridge Audio Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier - AVFive

Cambridge Audio Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier

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Product description

Product Description

  • Completely noise- and distortion-free from input to output.
  • Components that sound the finest were hand-picked after hours of listening.
  • Twin Toroidal Transformers: Massive power reserves for steady tone.
  • Exclusive Class XA Amplification from Cambridge Audio - no audible crossover distortion.
  • Perfect partners: to construct your ideal system, couple two Edge Ms with the Edge NQ.

Product Features

The Cambridge Audio Edge M is a high-performance integrated amplifier designed for high-end audio systems. It has a Class AB amplifier with 250 watts per channel, which provides enough power to drive even the most demanding speakers. The amplifier is built with high-quality components and a dual-mono power supply, resulting in a pure and stable signal.

The Edge M also has advanced connectivity options, such as XLR and RCA inputs, as well as a USB DAC for high-resolution audio playback. With its brushed aluminum finish and sleek and elegant design, the amplifier is the ideal centerpiece for any audiophile's system.


From input to output, everything is perfectly balanced.
Because the Cambridge-Audio Edge M is a fully balanced amplifier, the audio signal is balanced from input to output. This eliminates any noise picked up along the way, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate sound. The balanced design also improves power efficiency by allowing the amplifier to deliver more power to the speakers with less distortion. The EdgeM, with a power output of 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms, can easily drive even the most demanding speakers.


Hand-selected components
The Cambridge-Audio-Edge M is built with carefully selected components to deliver exceptional sound quality. Each component is selected for its performance and build quality to ensure that the amplifier performs optimally. For optimal performance, the Edge-M employs Class XA amplification, which combines the best features of Class A and Class AB amplifiers. The amplifier also has a high-quality power supply that delivers clean and stable power to the components via a toroidal transformer. These characteristics, combined with meticulous attention to detail, produce a truly exceptional amplifier that provides a lifelike, engaging listening experience.


Toroidal Twin Transformers
The Cambridge Audio-EdgeM has twin toroidal transformers that ensure consistent and efficient power delivery to the amplifier. These transformers have a high level of regulation, which reduces noise and distortion and enables the amplifier to produce a clear and dynamic sound. The MEdge is intended to be a high-performance amplifier capable of handling challenging music, thanks in part to these toroidal transformers.


Amplification of Class XA
The Cambridge Edge M Audio is equipped with Class XA amplification, which combines the sonic purity of Class A with the efficiency of Class AB. As a result, a high power output of up to 500 watts per channel is achieved with minimal distortion and excellent sound quality. Furthermore, Class XA amplification allows the amplifier to operate in a more energy-efficient manner, making it more environmentally friendly. The Cambridge Audio M Edge can deliver breathtaking sound quality and an immersive listening experience thanks to its Class XA amplification.

Ideal partners
The Edge M Cambridge Audio  is designed to complement the Cambridge Audio Edge NQ preamp and the Cambridge Audio Edge W power amplifier. They form a complete high-performance audio system capable of delivering stunning sound quality when combined. Furthermore, the M-Edge pairs well with other high-end preamps and sources. Its well-balanced design and high-quality components ensure that it extracts every detail and nuance from your music, resulting in a truly immersive listening experience.


Finally, the Cambridge-M Audio Edge is a painstakingly designed and crafted power amplifier that provides a stunning performance with fully balanced input to output. Its class XA amplification, twin toroidal transformers, and handpicked components guarantee a pure, precise, and powerful sound that will astound any audiophile. Its compatibility with various speaker systems, as well as its ability to customize its sound via its XLR and RCA inputs, make it an ideal partner for various music systems. Overall, the Edge M is an exceptional power amplifier that delivers a unique listening experience.




Sales Package EDGE M Monoblock Power Amplifier, Power Cable, Link Cable, Instruction Manual
Brand Cambridge-Audio
Model Edge M
Color silver
CONTINUOUS POWER OUTPUT (<1% THD+N) 200W RMS into 8 Ohms, 350W RMS into 4 Ohms
THD (UNWEIGHTED) <0.002% 1kHz at rated power (8 Ohms) <0.02% 20Hz – 20kHz at rated power (8 Ohms)
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (INTO 8 OHM) <3 Hz – >80 kHz +/-1 dB
GAIN 28 dB (RCA)/ 22dB (XLR)
INPUT IMPEDANCES balanced 100k Ohm, unbalanced 47k Ohm
OUTPUTS Speaker out, Loop out (balanced and unbalanced)
Dimension 150 x 460 x 405 mm
Weight 23.6 kg
Warranty Type Official Manufacturers Warranty
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