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Cabasse The Pearl Akoya-high definition streaming speaker

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Product description

Product Description

  • The Pearl AKOYA is a direct successor of the high definition streaming speaker THE PEARL and is both a design and technological gem.
  • Designed and developed in Brittany, France, this product boasts an unmatched tiny size and remarkable sound quality
  • (on par with that of a classical orchestra) in a small package. It also has a tri-coaxial design.

Product Features

The Cabasse's The Pearl Akoya is a high-end speaker with superior audio quality and a luxurious design. The speaker has a unique spherical shape that is covered in mother-of-pearl for a stunning, shimmering finish. The speaker is powered by a cutting-edge triaxial driver system that produces high-fidelity sound with exceptional clarity and depth. The Pearl Akoya also includes a number of connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet, allowing users to stream music from a variety of sources.


The Cabasse-Pearl Akoya has a beautiful design that is both visually appealing and functional. The speaker's spherical shape is encased in a layer of genuine mother-of-pearl, giving it a beautiful, shimmering finish. The speaker's one-of-a-kind design also includes a triaxial driver system for superior sound dispersion in all directions, resulting in a natural and immersive audio experience. The Cabasse The Pearl Akoya is a top-of-the-line speaker with a luxurious and elegant design that is ideal for those who demand both exceptional sound quality and stunning aesthetics.


The Cabasse's The Pearl Akoya's cutting-edge triaxial driver system provides exceptional audio performance. A 25mm tweeter, a 13cm midrange driver, and two 16.5cm woofers combine to produce rich, detailed sound with excellent clarity and depth. The speaker also includes cutting-edge DSP technology for precise and accurate sound reproduction.


music over the air
The Cabasse's The Akoya Pearl  provides a variety of wireless music options, making it an ideal speaker for any home. The speaker has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity, so users can stream music from services like Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer. The Pearl Akoya also supports high-resolution audio playback, ensuring that music is heard clearly and precisely. The Cabasse-The-Pearl-Akoya is a top-of-the-line speaker with advanced wireless music capabilities that delivers exceptional sound quality and convenience.


Cabasse's Pure Sound technology is used in the Cabasse Pearl Akoya The to create a more natural and realistic audio experience. The triaxial driver system of the speaker ensures that sound is distributed evenly in all directions, resulting in a more immersive and spacious soundstage. Pure Sound technology also reduces distortion and coloration, ensuring that music is played with precision and fidelity. The Cabasse The Pearl Akoya delivers an unparalleled audio experience with its advanced Pure Sound technology, sure to impress even the most discerning audiophiles.


Radio on the internet
The Cabasse's-Pearl Akoya supports internet radio, allowing users to listen to thousands of radio stations from around the world. The speaker is compatible with a number of internet radio services, such as TuneIn and Radioline, making it simple to find and listen to your favorite stations. The Cabasse The Pearl-Akoya, with its advanced streaming capabilities, is the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a diverse range of music and entertainment options from around the world.


Finally, the Cabasse The Pearl Akoya is a high-end speaker with exceptional audio performance, advanced connectivity options, and a luxurious design. The speaker delivers immersive and accurate sound that will impress even the most discerning audiophiles, thanks to its triaxial driver system, Pure Sound technology, and support for high-resolution audio playback. Its Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, and internet radio connectivity options make it a versatile and convenient choice for music enthusiasts who want to listen to music from multiple sources.





  • 115 dB mono peak, 121 dB stereo peak.
  • Amplification of 2,100 W peak and 1,050 W RMS: power that faithfully respects the dynamics of audio sources.
  • 17cm HELD (High Excursion, Low Distortion) woofer.
  • 20mm exceptional linear throw.
  • Extremely sturdy carbon membrane without deformation for distortion-free rendering.
  • Patented BCI midrange tweeter and high-strength carbon membrane.
  • Compact dimensions: 220 x 220 x 220 mm


  • Unsurpassed fidelity: high resolution 24bit/192Khz files.
  • Exceptional rendering: Cabasse algorithms maximize the power sent to each speaker in real-time.
  • 360° homogeneous directivity: 30 years of Cabasse acoustic R&D in signal processing.
  • In stereo: impressive sound scene, wide and deep, thanks to patented coaxial Cabasse technology, as well as perfectly controlled network synchronization.


  • Mono – stereo – wireless active speaker – multi-room – Bluetooth – WiFi
  • Automatic calibration: Cabasse Room Compensation System
  • Streaming services: Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, Napster, Tidal…
  • Voice control: Google Home
  • Transportable: includes a custom-made carrier case designed for THE PEARL AKOYA and its accessories
  • A programmable Bluetooth controller
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