Cabasse ALCYONE 2 1-Way On Wall Mount Speakers - AVFive
Cabasse ALCYONE 2 1-Way On Wall Mount Speakers - AVFive
Cabasse ALCYONE 2 1-Way On Wall Mount Speakers - AVFive

Cabasse ALCYONE 2 1-Way On Wall Mount Speakers

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Product description

Product Description

  • It has a wall-mounted 1-Way satellite speaker.
  • Wide-band with 8T15 drivers are present.
  • It provides performance and aesthetics for 5.1 home theatre systems.
  • They are easy to use and simple to install.
  • Up to 50 W, it can handle power well.

Product Features

The Cabasse Alcyone 2 speaker system provides a small-but-powerful high-fidelity audio experience for home theater or music listening. The Alcyone 2 features five satellite speakers and a powerful subwoofer for deep bass in a sleek design. Cabasse's patented coaxial driver technology produces precise, clear sound with exceptional detail and imaging.

The Alcyone 2 is simple to install and can be wall-mounted or placed on stands for optimal placement. This speaker system, which is compatible with most AV receivers, is an excellent addition to any home entertainment setup, providing impressive sound quality and immersive audio.


linearity in acoustics
The Cabasse-ALCYONE 2 has stunning acoustic linearity that elevates the audio experience to new heights. A two-way coaxial driver in the satellite speakers reproduces natural and detailed sound. The system includes a subwoofer that produces powerful and deep bass response, making it an excellent choice for music and home cinema enthusiasts alike. The speakers' compact and elegant design allows them to blend in with any home decor while still providing an immersive audio experience. You can enjoy high-quality sound from the comfort of your own home with the Cabasse ALCYONE-2.

Because of its high-quality components and design, the Cabasse 2 ALCYONE has impressive dynamics. A coaxial midrange-tweeter driver in the satellite speakers ensures clear and detailed sound reproduction with excellent imaging. Because of its long-throw driver and efficient amplifier, the subwoofer produces powerful and controlled bass. This combination produces a well-balanced and engaging sound with excellent dynamics. The 2 Cabasse ALCYONE is an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality audio performance in a compact and stylish package, whether for music or home theater applications.


control of power
The Cabasse-ALCYONE-2 speakers can handle up to 60 watts of power, making them suitable for use with most amplifiers. A two-way coaxial driver provides clear and detailed midrange and treble frequencies in the speakers. A tight and controlled bass response is also provided by the woofer. The speakers have a compact and stylish design that will fit in with any home decor. High-quality materials ensure durability and longevity, and the acoustic performance is impressive, providing a rich and immersive listening experience.


direct audio
Because of their coaxial drive units, which combine a tweeter and a midrange driver into one unit, the ALCYONE 2 Cabasse  speakers provide a highly precise direct sound. This technology ensures that both drivers' sound waves arrive at the listener's ears at the same time, resulting in a highly accurate and cohesive soundstage. Furthermore, the ALCYONE 2's compact design allows for flexible placement without sacrificing sound quality, making them ideal for use in small to medium-sized rooms with limited space.


Magnetic foundation
The  ALCYONE Cabasse 2 has a magnetic base for simple and flexible installation. The base secures and stabilizes any metal surface, allowing for a variety of placement options. The magnetic base also keeps the speakers in place during high-energy audio performances, resulting in a more dependable and consistent audio experience. Furthermore, the magnetic base enables quick and easy removal of the speakers, making them easy to transport or store when not in use.


Finally, the Cabasse ALCYONE 2 is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact and reasonably priced speaker system that produces high-quality sound. Its acoustic linearity, dynamic performance, and power handling capabilities set it apart from the competition. The magnetic base makes installation easier and more flexible, while direct sound technology provides a more natural listening experience.




Sales Package Cabasse ALCYONE 2 1-Way On Wall Mount Speakers and User documentation
Brand cabasse
Color black
Dimension Ø 99 mm
Weight 0.75 Kg
Way 1
Drivers 8T15 wide bandwidth Cellulose fibre membrane
Frequency response 160 – 20 000 Hz
Sensitivity 1W / 1m 87 dB
Nominal impedance 8 Ω
Minimum impedance 4.6 Ω
Power handling 50 W
Peak Power 350 W
Warranty Type Official Manufacturer Warranty
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