Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer(Each) - AVFive
Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer(Each) - AVFive
Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer(Each) - AVFive
Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer(Each) - AVFive

Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer(Each)

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Product description

Product Description

  • It has a two-channel hi-fi system fit for an audiophile.
  • It boasts an in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofer that is both adaptable and small.
  • It has the ability to deliver excellent bass output in rooms.
  • It contains two long-throw drivers with 6.5" Paper/Kevlar cones.
  • It is powered by a separate 250W Class D amplifier that meets audiophile standards.

Product Features

Bowers-Wilkins is a well-known audio brand known for manufacturing high-quality speakers and audio equipment. One of their most recent products is the ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer, which promises to deliver exceptional sound quality and performance for any home theatre or music setup.

The ISW-3 is a 2-way in-ceiling subwoofer with a high-quality 8-inch driver that is designed to deliver accurate and distortion-free deep, powerful bass. The driver is made of a lightweight but rigid composite material, which ensures maximum performance and durability.

One of the ISW-3's key features is its ability to produce 3-dimensional sound. This is accomplished by employing a one-of-a-kind driver configuration that combines forward and backward firing drivers. This enables the subwoofer to produce powerful and immersive sound, resulting in a true surround sound experience.


The ISW-3 also has a frequency response of 25Hz - 120Hz, allowing it to reproduce deep bass notes that are often missing in traditional speakers. This makes it an excellent choice for music fans and home theatre enthusiasts who want to hear the full range of audio content.

The ISW-3 also has gold-plated spring-post terminals, which is a nice touch. These terminals enable simple and secure connection to a wide range of audio systems, ensuring that the subwoofer can be seamlessly integrated into any setup.

The ISW-3 also has an anti-resonance plug, which reduces unwanted vibrations and noise, resulting in a cleaner, more accurate sound. This is a particularly useful feature for those installing the subwoofer in a shared living space, as it ensures that the subwoofer's sound does not disturb others in the household.

The Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-Ceiling Subwoofer is a great way to add bass to your home theatre system or simply improve the sound of your TV or computer speakers. This small, easy-to-install subwoofer has a 3" polymer cone driver, a 414" long throw passive radiator, and high thermal thermalex RCA inputs. It can deliver up to 150 Hz - the lowest frequency audible to humans. The subwoofer works with any standard wall or ceiling mounted appliance or surface that has an RCA input or amplifier. It also has a 3-position voice damper for room balancing and placement flexibility.


With its new angled subwoofer enclosure, the Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 improves the performance of your home audio system. This subwoofer is designed to fit perfectly into your home theatre installation and can be easily hidden in other rooms throughout your home. Its sleek design blends in with existing decor and adds a sleek look to any room of the house.

It's difficult to think of a better subwoofer than the new Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3. It has the clarity, detail, and volume you'd expect from a cutting-edge sub, as well as an incredibly wide frequency response that covers the range of human hearing, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your music. The ISW-3 is designed to add depth and dimension to your music.

This subwoofer has no visible screws, making it ideal for areas where your home's beauty and elegance are important. The modern design goes well with kitchen islands, entertainment centres, and recessed can lights, making it the ideal addition to your home.


The Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 is a 5.1-channel in-ceiling subwoofer with exceptional accuracy, ultra-low distortion, and a wide frequency response, allowing you to achieve the sound that has been missing from your home theatre for years. The ISW-3 combines high performance with low power consumption and next-generation performance technologies, making it the ideal complement to your home theatre system.

The Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer was designed by Steinway Hall acoustics engineers and is specially matched for use with the finest home theatre systems. This subwoofer employs cutting-edge cone technology to deliver high-quality bass output with minimal distortion. When compared to other models, the CIS (Coefficient of Impedance Staging) circuit reduces the amount of power required by your amplifier while maintaining the same high power handling ability. The Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 is only a few inches tall and sits beneath your TV or sound bar, but right in front of your face when you're watching a movie at home or listening to music in a movie theatre.

The Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer is designed to be installed in the ceiling, making it an excellent choice for home theatre or music enthusiasts looking to add powerful bass to their audio setup without taking up valuable floor space. The in-ceiling design makes it easy to integrate into the design of a room, making it virtually invisible while still delivering powerful bass. Because of this feature, it is an excellent choice for those who want to add a subwoofer to their audio system without sacrificing aesthetics.


Finally, the Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer is a high-end product with exceptional sound quality and performance. Its distinctive driver configuration, 3-dimensional sound, and anti-resonance plug make it an excellent choice for music and home theatre enthusiasts. The ISW-3 can be easily integrated into any audio setup thanks to its gold-plated spring-post terminals, making it a versatile and convenient option for any home.



Sales Package Bowers-Wilkins ISW-3 Audiophile In-ceiling Subwoofer and User documentation
Brand Bowers-Wilkins
Model ISW-3
Color black
Dimension 330x470x235 mm
Weight 12.5 kg
Drive Units 2 x 165mm (6.5in) Paper/Kevlar cone
Frequency Range -6dB at 21Hz and 222Hz adjustable (EQ at A)
Frequency Response ±3dB 27Hz - 120Hz adjustable (EQ at A)
Bass Extension -6dB at 21Hz (position A) -6dB at 25Hz (position B) -6dB at 29Hz (position C)
Maximun Amp Power 250 Watts
Impedance Nominal 8Ω (minimum 6.3Ω)
Electronics (mandatory) SA250 Mk2
Warranty Type Official Manufacturer Warranty
Warranty Period 2 year
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