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Product description

Product Description

What are Fixed Frame Screens?

Fixed Frame Screens are designed with a special lightweight frame fixed (Usually Aluminum Alloy) with screen fabric perfectly tightened in it to ensure smooth surface. These screens are suitable for places that requires permanent installation of screens. Fixed frame screens are the ideal choice for 3D viewing.

What are 3D Projection Screens?

3D Projection Screens are developed with special high gain material in order to achieve polarisation required to create the 3D effect. It also helps to display image brighter to counter the lower light output of 3d presentation.

What are Fixed Frame Screens suitable for?

Fixed Frame Screens are suitable for installation in places with frequent use of projection display such as:
1. Meeting rooms
2. Board rooms
3. Conference rooms
4. Home theater etc.

What are the available aspect ratios?

The Fixed Frame Projector Screens are available in all the standard sized e.g. 4:3. 16:9 and 16:10.

Which aspect ratio is suitable for me?

Choosing the right aspect ratio might become tricky for those who does not have the right understanding and knowledge about it. Therefore, we have prepared a complete comprehensive guide on aspect ratio to make it easy for our customers to choose the suitable aspect ratio


Shipping & Return

We usually try to dispatch the order on the same day. Usually the shipping duration will vary between 2 -7 days from the day of ordering. Please be assured that we will 100% deliver the product and our team will keep you updated on the shipping process.

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