Adam Audio S3H 7" 3 Way Powered Midfield Studio Monitor

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Product description

Product Description

  • Features Berlin-made S-ART tweeter is handmade.
  • A brand-new HPS waveguide that was milled from an aluminium solid block.
  • Features A new midrange driver with a hybrid dome/cone (DCH) made of one piece.
  • Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) bass drivers that are specially made.
  • Horizontal 3-way system with 1 x 4" DCH midrange and 2 x 7" woofers.
  • front bass reflex ports that are quite large.
  • XLR analogue input.
  • cabinets with weighty construction and acoustically optimised design.

Product Features

The Adam Audio S3H is a three-way studio monitor designed for professional audio mixing and production. For powerful and accurate low-frequency response, it has a 7-inch midrange driver and two 9-inch woofers. Adam Audio's proprietary S-ART tweeter, which delivers crystal-clear high-frequency response up to 50kHz, is also included in the S3H. Its advanced amplifier technology ensures maximum power handling capacity, low distortion, and low power consumption. The Adam Audio- S3H is a top choice for professional audio engineers and producers who demand the highest level of accuracy and detail in their audio recordings and mixes, thanks to its precise frequency response and powerful sound.

The Adam -Audio -S3H has a sleek and contemporary design that is optimized for precise and detailed audio reproduction. It has a sleek black finish and a curved front panel that reduces diffraction and maximizes sound dispersion. The cabinet is made of high-quality materials to reduce resonance and enhance sound clarity. The S3H also includes advanced technology like the S-ART tweeter, which is designed to deliver precise and detailed high-frequency response, making it an excellent choice for audio professionals who require the highest level of accuracy and detail in their studio monitors.

The Adam Audio S3-H delivers outstanding performance, with a frequency response ranging from 32Hz to 50kHz. With a powerful and punchy low end, clear midrange, and crisp high-frequency response, its three-way design ensures accurate and detailed sound reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum. Because of its advanced amplifier technology, the S-3H can also handle high sound pressure levels with minimal distortion. The Adam S3H Audio is an excellent choice for professional audio engineers and producers who require the highest level of accuracy and detail in their audio recordings and mixes, thanks to its precise and powerful sound.

The S3H Adam Audio is equipped with two 7-inch HexaCone woofers designed to deliver powerful and precise low-frequency response. The woofers are made of a lightweight but rigid material, ensuring accurate and detailed sound reproduction even at high sound pressure levels. The HexaCone design reduces distortion and improves clarity, making subtle nuances in music and audio recordings easier to hear. Additionally, the woofers are magnetically shielded to reduce interference from other electronic devices, ensuring clean and clear sound reproduction in any studio environment.

The Audio S3H Adam is equipped with a newly developed folded ribbon tweeter that provides incredibly accurate and detailed high-frequency response. The tweeter is built to handle high sound pressure levels while exhibiting minimal distortion, ensuring that even the most complex and dynamic music and audio recordings are reproduced with exceptional clarity and precision. In addition, the folded ribbon design provides a broad and even dispersion pattern, making it easier to achieve an optimal listening position in any studio environment. 

Amplifier of Class D
Three high-performance Class D amplifiers, one for each driver, power the  Audio S3H. (two woofers and one tweeter). Class D amplifier technology is highly efficient, generating very little heat and causing very little distortion, resulting in cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction. The amplifiers deliver a total of 500 watts of power, ensuring that the speakers can easily handle high sound pressure levels. Furthermore, the amplifiers include sophisticated DSP processing, allowing the user to precisely control the sound output and tailor the speakers to their specific studio environment and preferences.

Finally, the S3H-Adam Audio  is an outstanding studio monitor that produces incredibly accurate and detailed sound reproduction. The speakers' three-way design, combined with advanced driver and amplifier technologies, ensures that they can easily handle a wide range of audio content. The speakers are extremely adaptable and can be used in a variety of studio setups, including small to medium-sized rooms. The S3H's elegant design, sturdy construction, and advanced features make it an excellent choice for audio professionals looking for the highest level of accuracy and performance from their studio monitors.




Sales Package Monitor and User documentation
Brand Adam-Audio
Model S3H
Color black
WOOFER Number 2
Basket Ø 7" (178 mm)
Voice Coil Ø 1.5" (39 mm)
Cone Material HexaCone
MID-RANGE Number 1
Type Dome / Cone Hybrid
Basket Ø 4" (100 mm)
Voice Coil Ø 2.4" (60 mm)
Cone Material Carbon Composite
TWEETER Number 1
Type S-ART
Diaphragm Area 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
Equiv. Diaphragm Ø 2" (56 mm)
Velocity Transform Ratio 4:1
Diaphragm Weight 0.17 g
Waveguide HPS
Woofer 2
Type PWM
Amp. Power RMS 500 W
Mid-range 1
Type PWM
Amp. Power RMS 300 W
Tweeter 1
Type A/B
Amp. Power RMS 50 W
CONTROL OPTIONS Input Sensitivity Adjustable
Parametric EQs 6
Room Compensation High-Shelf EQ 1
Room Compensation Low-Shelf EQ 1
Preset Memories 5
Delay 0 ms to 5 ms
Analog XLR
Input Impedance 48 kOhm
Max. Input Level +24 dBu
Digital AES3
Frequency Response 30 Hz - 50 kHz
THD > 100 Hz ≤0.4 %
Max. SPL per pair at 1 m ≥126 dB
Crossover Frequencies 0.25 / 3 kHz
Max. Power Consumption 550 W
Dimension 11.0" (280 mm ) x 23.0" (585 mm) x 15.0“ (380 mm )
Weight 26.6 kg
Warranty Type Official Manufacturer Warranty
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