Cheaper Products on Other Websites?

The safety of any online purchase depends on a variety of factors, including the specific product you are purchasing but most importantly the seller you are dealing with.

As a premium electronics seller, we receive a lot of queries asking us for heavy discounts as they see some particular websites offering heavy discounts online. 

But cheaper option is not always good and so we decided to break this chain of scams being done by some websites by luring innocent customers into buying premium electronics at lower than market rates. 

Let me tell you that you will not be getting any warranty if you buy from these cheaper websites. These websites/online retailers are banned from brands and if you buy products from these websites at cheaper prices, and you go to the service centre for claiming warranty, they will straight forwardly tell you they don't provide warranty for products purchased from these particular websites. 

Moreover there are also good chances that you may be getting refurbished products. is one of the trusted websites selling authentic premium products, so we assure you the authenticity of the products you purchase from us. Try contacting our customer care number provided on the website and you will see what kind of professional support we provide to our customers.

Let me show you some of the complaints done by real users of these websites-