Denon AVR-X550BT Review: High-Quality Audio and Video at an Affordable Price

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AV device that is easy on the wallet and packs 130 watts of power per channel is what you get with the Denon AVR-X550BT. Using any one of the five HDMI inputs, you can stream the programmes and videos you love in a resolution that is as stunning as 4K Ultra HD and also supports Dolby Vision. The fact that the AVR-X550BT is Bluetooth-enabled is a nice added bonus because it makes it possible to stream music without any problems.


If you are looking for a high-performance A/V receiver at a price that is affordable, the Denon AVR-X550BT is a fantastic option. It supports complete 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, and HDCP 2.2 on three of its five HDMI inputs, making it an excellent choice for those in your position. The X550 is ready to deliver to you audio of the highest possible quality, which will make listening to it just as enjoyable for you as watching the images it presents.



It can play MP3, WMA, FLAC, and MPEG-4/AAC files wirelessly over Bluetooth and also has a USB attachment on the front panel. A guided Setup Assistant and a measuring microphone work together to make the setting process simple and straightforward. You can have peace of mind knowing that the AVR-X550BT will significantly improve the sound quality as well as the picture sharpness of your home theatre because Denon has a long history in the field of audio technology that dates back more than a century.

Build And Design

The Denon AVR-X550BT is a 5.2-channel A/V receiver made to enhance home cinema sound quality. It was made with the goal of providing powerful functionality without sacrificing usability. The receiver’s aluminium chassis is both stable and vibration-resistant, ensuring high-fidelity sound reproduction. The front panel is uncluttered and easy to read, featuring just a volume control, input choice buttons, and a display. It also has a USB port for playing digital audio files from a USB storage device.


All of the connections on the back of the Denon AVR-X550BT are neatly designated and laid out. The receiver’s four HDMI inputs and single HDMI output make it ideal for connecting and switching between numerous video sources before they reach the TV. In order to ensure that your videos appear their best, the HDMI ports support 4K Ultra HD video with HDR. The AVR-X550BT features built-in Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming audio from your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer. It can play back high-quality audio files from a broad variety of sources, and it supports a wide variety of audio formats.

The AVR-X550BT is engineered to produce crisp, dynamic music. Using high-current discrete power amplifiers, it can produce 70 watts of electricity per channel to power your speakers. In addition, it has the room tuning technology of Audyssey MultEQ, which assesses the acoustics of the space you’re listening in and makes the necessary adjustments to the sound.

Features And Specs

The Denon AVR-X550BT is a 5.2-channel AV receiver that offers superb performance and sound clarity at an affordable price. In order to improve the quality of sound in any home cinema setup, this receiver is equipped with a number of high-end features and specifications. Here we’ll take a close look at the Denon AVR-X550BT and go over its specs and features.


Power Output and Amplification:

The Denon AVR-X550BT is a 5.2-channel AV decoder that can produce 140 watts of power per channel into an impedance of 6 ohms. It has channel-specific discrete amplifiers that are optimised to deliver clear, dynamic power to each speaker, allowing the receiver to easily power even the most demanding systems. In addition to 5.1 and 2.1 speaker systems, the receiver is compatible with a wide range of other configurations.

Audio Processing and Decoding:

Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio are just two of the many high-definition audio codecs that are compatible with the Denon AVR-X550BT. The Dynamic Volume and Dynamic EQ technologies developed by Denon are also included, with the latter helping to create a more even and realistic sound. The receiver is compatible with modern immersive audio codecs like Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization as well as older ones like MP3, FLAC, and WMA.


Video Processing and Upscaling:

Superior video clarity can be achieved from virtually any input thanks to the Denon AVR-cutting-edge X550BT’s video processing and upscaling technologies. The HDMI ARC feature allows for simple connection to devices that handle 4K Ultra HD video, HDR10, and HDCP 2.2. In addition, the receiver is equipped with cutting-edge video upscaling technologies that enhance the quality of lower-resolution sources so they appear better on 4K displays.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

The Denon AVR-X550BT has Bluetooth built right in, so you can play audio from your phone, tablet, or computer. Multiple devices can be paired with the receiver at once, and users can swap between them without disrupting their connection.

Easy Setup and Use:

The Denon AVR-X550BT is intended to be set up and operated with minimal difficulty. The receiver’s sizable LCD screen acts as a portal to the receiver’s user-friendly graphical user interface, making it simple for anyone to set up their home cinema. In addition to its high-quality audio capabilities, the receiver is packed with useful extras like the Quick Select controls, which allow users to quickly access their preferred audio preferences.


There was a lot of thought put into the Denon AVR-X550BT to ensure it could produce top-notch sound quality, and it shows in its crystal-clear, robust, and dynamically-ranged audio. With its 5.2 channel setup, you can enjoy dynamic, lifelike sounds from your favourite movies, songs, and other media. The AVR-X550BT has high-current discrete power amps that are a standout feature.


These amplifiers were developed specifically to deliver powerful, distortion-free music. The receiver’s 70 amps per channel are more than enough to power most speakers and produce full, dynamic sound. The AVR-X550BT uses Audyssey MultEQ room calibration technology, which significantly improves sound clarity. The receiver can detect the room’s acoustics and fine-tune the music to fit it. Regardless of the room’s dimensions, shape, or layout, you’ll enjoy superior audio clarity thanks to this feature.

Playback of high-quality audio files from a broad variety of sources is also possible on the AVR-X550BT thanks to its support for a number of audio formats. The Bluetooth functionality of the receiver allows you to wirelessly play audio from your mobile device, computer, or other Bluetooth-enabled device. The AVR-X550BT is compatible with numerous surround sound codecs. These include Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. High-resolution audio in one of these codecs can create a more immersive listening experience than stereo. The receiver incorporates a subwoofer output, allowing you to connect a powered subwoofer for boosted sound.


The output of the AVR-high-power X550BT is a significant contributor to the device’s general efficiency. The receiver’s 70 amps per channel are more than sufficient to provide power to the vast majority of speakers and generate a sound that is full and dynamic. Even when the intensity is turned up to its maximum level, the music is not distorted and remains unadulterated thanks to high-current discrete power amplifiers.


Additionally, the AVR-X550BT comes equipped with necessary features such as interoperability with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. These high-definition audio standards have a sound quality that is superior to that of traditional stereo sound, which results in a more interesting listening experience. In addition, the receiver’s 5.2 channel configuration makes it possible to deliver surround sound, which provides a listening experience that is both more realistic and more accurate.

The Audyssey MultEQ room tuning technology is built into the AVR-X550BT. This technology analyses the conditions in which you listen and then makes any necessary acoustic modifications. You’ll be able to experience superior audio clarity as a result of this feature, regardless of the dimensions, shape, or layout of the room you’re in. The receiver features a subwoofer output that enables you to connect a powered subwoofer to achieve enhanced sound quality.


It is guaranteed that your movies will look amazing thanks to the AVR support that the X550BT provides for 4K Ultra HD video with HDR. The receiver supports the connection of a number of different video sources, all of which can then be sent to the screen using the HDMI inputs and outputs.


Overall, the Denon AVR-X550BT is an excellent AV receiver that offers outstanding performance and features at a reasonable price. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home entertainment system and enjoy high-quality audio and video performance. Despite its few drawbacks, the AVR-X550BT is a solid investment for anyone seeking a powerful, immersive home theater experience.


  • High-current discrete power amplifiers deliver clean, powerful sound with minimal distortion.
  • Audyssey MultEQ room calibration technology ensures optimal sound performance in any room.
  • Support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio provide a more immersive listening experience.
  • 4K Ultra HD video with HDR support for outstanding video performance.
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming.
  • Multiple HDMI inputs and outputs for connecting a variety of video sources.



  • No built-in Wi-Fi, which means you need to connect to your home network using an Ethernet cable.
  • The remote control may feel a bit cluttered and confusing to use.
  • No support for Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, which limits the surround sound options.

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