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Digital Media Players

      Amazon Media Player FULL HD 1080P TV-HDMI The player supports auto-start playback and file playback in a circle (circular cycle). Multifunctional HD media player that is small and convenient for office use and home entertainment. Repeat, zoom, FF, BF, and rotate functions are all supported. Its internal flash memory allows it to function as both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The capacity is only 10MB, and it can be easily connected to any HOST USB port without the need for an external power supply. Both Windows and Mac OS are supported. USB HOST: Can control external USB storage devices such as a USB HDD or a USB flash drive, as well as play or manage files stored on them. SD/SDHC Reader: Read SD/SDHC cards directly, play or manage files on TV, and also read SD/SDHC cards.
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