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You can tell in an instant that the Denon PMA-800NE integrated amplifier is a high-end choice for music fans who take their listening experience seriously. This piece of equipment has raised the bar significantly when it comes to the quality of the sound it produces. Its remarkable sound quality is due in part to the presence of digital inputs as well as an internal phono equalisation.


You may have observed that amplifiers of a variety of varieties are extremely prevalent in the contemporary environment. And I’ve been doing reviews of them for as long as I can remember doing them. It is significantly more crucial that the amplifier has good sound quality than it is for it to have any cosmetic features.



On the other hand, the Denon PMA-800NE is an audio system that is both fashionable and of high-quality. It is perfect for audiophiles that appreciate the power that digital phono inputs and other forms of digital audio equipment provide.

Build And Design

This amplifier was clearly well-designed from the moment I opened the box and saw how simple everything was. Careful brushing ensures that the edges are rounded without losing their utility, and the overall appearance is still compact.

pma 800 ne

Their built-in 50 watt-per-channel amplifier is suitable for driving most home speakers when used with an 8-ohm load, and their 85 watts of power may be used with a 4-ohm load. It’s sturdy construction and compatibility with a wide range of speaker types and impedances make it a great choice.

The Denon PMA-800NE is a state-of-the-art, digital-ready, integrated stereo amplifier no different from any other. The front panel controls include volume and a mode knob. All of the buttons have been thoughtfully placed for optimal efficiency. To avoid being overwhelmed, newcomers will benefit from this stripped-down presentation.


Aside from the standard RCA jack, the back also features three optical and one coaxial ports. PCM data transmissions up to 24 bits in length and 192 kilohertz in frequency are permitted. The process of hooking up a turntable for vinyl listeners has been simplified greatly. Both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges can be used with the Denon amplifier’s built-in phono stage. You won’t find many amplifiers in this price range with a phono stage and such high-quality sound.

Denon’s integrated amplifier has a high-gain phono equalisation, an uncluttered design, and low signal loss. The sound quality is noticeably better than that of devices using an analogue looping circuit board.

Denon pma 800 NE

In “Analog Mode,” the amplifiers can play music from conventional audio sources. When the digital isolation circuitry is no longer in use, the integrated amplifier will turn off the power supply. As a result, the high-frequency noise that normally plagues the phono digital power supply is much reduced.

In order to reduce vibrations caused by the power transformer, Denon has integrated enhanced chassis characteristics. Thus, its phono stages aid in the preservation of detail and the suppression of noise in the amplifier.


Furthermore, vibrations are reduced by placing the transformer on a 1.6mm thick, still plate. As an added safety measure, the high-resolution audio circuitry and the control circuitry are separated by coiled wires inside the power transformer. Hence, you can rest assured that the two won’t cause any complications throughout your treatment. On the Denon dnp-800ne, playback is controlled by a microprocessor with a “Stop Mode” that disables the processor until playback resumes. While playback is active, the phono feature will prevent the CPU from oscillating.


Consumers frequently hold the misconception that expensive prices are necessary to obtain high-quality aural performances. Nevertheless, the Denon PMA-800NE, which retails for less than $600 and features exceptional phono inputs in addition to an audio power profile, disproves that assertion.
These modern high current single push-pull circuit amplifiers come with a digital to analogue converter (DAC) that has a resolution of 24 bits and 192 kilohertz and a power output of 85 watts per channel. It gives off a sound that is both refined and jarringly saccharine in its sweetness. These phono stages deliver an unrivalled level of amplification to the signal.

One of the amplifier’s selling features is that it has a relatively straightforward exterior design. But, despite its user-friendliness, it possesses a feature that significantly outperforms the sonic capability of its competitors. This amplifier is capable of delivering the highest possible output and performance.

Denon has been praised for its ability to anticipate and integrate cutting-edge technology, as well as for its consistent production of high-quality goods that are built to last. The integrated amplifiers in the 800NE family bring together cutting-edge technology and time-tested architecture in a single package. It is a complete home theatre setup that comes with all of the necessary audio components, such as a CD player and a high-resolution audio player that can be accessed through the internet.


When we have a home theatre system that not only looks and feels like vintage HiFi equipment but also allows us to operate it with our voices, the vast majority of us do not require sound that is of professional studio quality. As seen by the capabilities of the 800NE, which include dependable audio, Denon is dedicated to delivering the very best that both worlds have to offer.

Denon PMA 800 NE- In Use

The integrated amplifier’s appeal lies not merely in its sophistication but also in its ease of use. A Denon amplifier with all of its capabilities offers the best value. 

For use in analogue form

In this mode, the amp performs identically to a standard analogue amplifier. The three optical digital inputs and the coaxial digital input of the Denon PMA-800NE are therefore useless for receiving digital signals. You can turn off the digital circuitry and its high-frequency effects by selecting the Analog Mode. With a setup that combines analogue and phono, you may enjoy the clean, crisp sound of your favourite digital sources. Thanks to digital inputs like the coaxial and optical types depicted below, microcontrollers can now detect logic states.

Equalizer for Both Phono Discs and Records

The phono equalisation on the Denon PMA-800NE integrated amplifier works with both MM and MC cartridges. This equalisation provides a significant improvement over circuit pattern loops, which diminish sound quality. This phono equalizer’s simplistic layout substantially improves the audio quality.

Built on a Mechanised Framework

Amplifier producers face a serious challenge when it comes to phono amplifiers: component vibration. Denon’s integrated amplifier PMA-800NE has a sturdy chassis that can tolerate severe vibration without breaking.


The primary part of a transformer is the power transformer. This means that its vibration is as powerful as it can be. It is mounted on a steel plate that is 1.6mm thick. As a result, the transformer is less likely to experience vibration as a result of or from external sources. Here, a steel plate serves as the base for the transformer. This plate is in direct touch with the chassis, absorbing vibrations and allowing for clearer sound.

There are a total of three digital inputs (optical, coaxial, and USB).

As was previously mentioned, the PMA-800NE integrated amplifier has support for PCM sample rates of up to 24bit/192kHz, as well as three optical inputs and one additional coaxial digital input. The digital input on your TV, Blu-ray player, media player, and many more devices will let you enjoy high-quality music and video. You can use it on your desktop, and it’ll even work with their high-resolution audio source. Never underestimate the value of a single digital coaxial input.


Halt Mode 

A function known as Stop Mode causes the player to shut down automatically.

Enhancer of Power

The PMA-800NE from Denon is an integrated amplifier that can push 85 watts RMS into 4 ohms per channel. Because of the high output, it can be used with speakers of varying impedances without sacrificing quality. The pma-800ne can drive a wide range of speaker systems with its 50 watts of power into 8 ohms or its 40 watts into 4 ohms. High current single push-pull circuit power amplifier with TV audio output, phono equaliser, analogue mode, and three optical inputs; model pma-800ne. When the available power is limited to 12 volts, as it often is in a car or a television, having digital audio speakers with an impedance of 4 ohms allows for more output from your amplifier. A phono equalisation, a type of digital sound amplifier with audio inputs, is required for connecting a turntable to a stereo system in the same way as other digital audio inputs.


Create Trust

Denon is a company that has been around for more than a century. The audio quality from this brand is always top-notch. The PMA-800NE’s hi-fi components are sturdy and stylish enough to last for years.


Given these qualities, the Denon PMA-800NE is a highly capable amplifier. [Citation needed] It is not difficult to establish a connection with any talker. Amazing power output of 50 watts per channel when measured at 8 ohms, with a bump of 85 watts when measured at 4 ohms.


Your audio devices can connect to one another wirelessly and continue playing music without breaking a beat thanks to Bluetooth. The integrated amplifier from Denon, model PMA-800NE, generates a robust signal that is resistant to being distorted by external sources of noise or interference in its environment.


Denon is not an exception to the norm that “the latest and greatest” usually claims to have the best features because we have spent a significant amount of time reviewing their products. Denon amplifiers are renowned for their superior aural reproduction. For precisely this reason, the Denon PMA-800NE was developed with performance at the forefront of its design.


It is compatible with a great number of different language families. Record collectors will find the Denon PMA-800NE integrated amplifier to be an excellent choice. This amplifier is built to last, and it will easily satisfy your requirements for digital stereo inputs and music for many years to come.


  • Allows for PCM frequencies as high as 192 kHz
  • The PMA-800ne has 50 watts of power split between two channels at 8 ohms. Three digital optical inputs facilitate
  • Digital inputs and dual RCA outputs make it easy to capture audio.
  • Built-in phono pre amplifier and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) make it perfect for TV audio and high-powered sound.
  • While in analogue mode, digital processing is turned off, allowing for better sound quality with analogue sources and a signal.
  • To keep the system’s noise level to a minimum when not in operation, the processors are disabled in “Stop” mode.



  • Low-quality AC power cord and binding posts
  • Weak, muffled middle at best

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