Marantz SR 8015 Review: Top-of-the-Line Performance for Audiophiles

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The Marantz SR 8015 is a high-performance receiver that delivers exceptional audio quality, advanced features, and intuitive usability. With 7.2 channels of high-quality amplification, support for the latest audio formats, and advanced room correction technology, this receiver is perfect for music, movies, and TV.

marantz sr 5015

The Marantz SR 5015 is an excellent option if you’re looking for a premium AV receiver that won’t break the bank but will still provide you with excellent audio and video quality. Its 7.2 channel receiver is loaded with features, such as the ability to handle 4K and 8K video, decode a wide variety of surround sound formats, and connect to a wide variety of devices. In this review, we’ll look at the Marantz SR 5015 in greater detail to see whether or not it’s a good buy for you.


There are a few key ways in which this AV receiver stands out from the pack. To begin with, it is not really a receiver at all, seeing as how it lacks a tuner. This high-end multichannel amplifier, however, has a lot going for it to make up for it.


The Marantz SR 8015 is a sophisticated and modern-looking A/V receiver. You can tell this is a high-quality piece of audio equipment the instant you get it out of the box.

The receiver has a sleek and contemporary design thanks to its aluminum front panel with a black finish. A large, legible display sits on the front panel, indicating the currently active input, audio format, and volume setting.

The Marantz SR 8015 is notable for being remarkably small. It boasts a small and streamlined appearance that allows it to fit into practically any arrangement, despite its extensive list of cutting-edge functions. This means it won’t be too bulky to fit comfortably in your media console.

The Marantz SR 8015’s well-organized back panel is another aesthetic highlight. The receiver allows for easy connection of many sources and screens thanks to its eight HDMI inputs and three HDMI outputs. Besides the phono input for hooking up a record player, there are digital audio inputs and analog audio inputs.

The Marantz SR 8015 is a formidable machine in terms of construction. It seems like it would endure forever because to its solid build quality. The discrete high-current amplifiers in the receiver’s individual channels, along with the high quality of the receiver’s other components, guarantee faithful audio reproduction.

The Marantz SR 8015 is a top-notch audio receiver because of its sturdy construction and sleek design. It’s a sturdy and stylish receiver that will last for years to come. The Marantz SR 5015 is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a high-quality audio system, whether they have a dedicated home theater or not.

Features And Specs

We’ll come back to the tuner issue (because we think it’s interesting) when we’ve gotten to the core of the Marantz SR8015 multichannel amplifier. Because it’s all authentic and nothing else. Even when driven by just two channels, its 11 amplifier channels can individually produce up to 140W into 8 ohms across the full audible spectrum with extraordinarily low total harmonic distortion (0.05%). The amplifiers’ channels can be independently set to optimize for 8, 6, or 4-ohm loads, allowing for a wide variety of applications. Although it’s probable that some highly uncommon speakers are incompatible with this receiver, it was able to easily manage even demanding loads.

The 11 available channels are ostensibly designed to work with a 7.2.4 channel speaker configuration. This consists of the two stereo speakers in the front, the two surround speakers in the back, the two subwoofers, and the four speakers in the ceiling. While both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are flexible enough to support a larger number of loudspeakers, this setup appears to be the norm in the business.

There’s also a clear case of diminishing returns as the number of channels increases, with 5.1 being substantially superior to 2.0 with appropriate content, 7.1 being marginally superior to 5.1, and 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 being noticeably superior. If your seating arrangement isn’t extremely high tech or large, moving from 7.1.4 to something higher won’t do much for you.

marantz sr 8015

The channels of the amplifier can be set up in the usual variety of configurations. Redirecting two of the front speakers allows for biamplification, or they can be used to power a second listening area. The component video output can be reassigned to a different zone, and the amplifier provides a third zone as well as HDMI and composite video outputs for the second zone.

This amplifier has component video inputs on the rear and sides, as well as a composite video input on the front panel, so you can use your old VCR to watch your old tapes. The amplifier supports video conversion, so you can take a component or composite video input and convert it to HDMI, then upscale it to 1080p60 or 720p50. The higher resolutions supplied to the component video inputs can be viewed on a television model that still supports component video by connecting to the component video outputs.

Several HDMI connections can be used. One of them stands out since it can play back 8K video at 50/60 frames per second while also playing back 4K video at 100/120 frames per second. For use with your state-of-the-art gaming system. The ability of first-generation HDMI chips in AV receivers and amplifiers to process 100/120Hz 4K and 8K in all its forms, such as with HDR encoding, has been questioned by some. The full effects of this won’t become apparent for quite some time. Upscaling is possible all the way to 8K from any HDMI input resolution.

In addition to the auxiliary input on the front panel, there are seven more analogue stereo inputs. Also, MM pickups can connect to the phono input. Both a coaxial cable and an optical cable for digital audio are included.

Furthermore, Bluetooth technology is built in, and a wide variety of network options are provided. To connect to wireless networks like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the device contains a couple of antenna screw-holes on the rear. The Bluetooth functionality of the amplifier may be utilized in two ways: first, to wirelessly send audio to a set of Bluetooth headphones; second, to stream music from your phone. We will go back to talking about networks very shortly.

Marantz_SR8015_Power_Amplifier_Right-min_480x480 (1)

Let’s get back to the topic of tuners. However, many Marantz stereo receivers only support FM and AM radio frequencies and not the more recent DAB+ format. Due to the widespread availability of digital radio in Australia by 2021, we recommend DAB+ as an essential component of a comprehensive home theater setup. We’re not too upset that there is no analog tuner, especially as FM can be a perfectly adequate replacement. Nonetheless, it did cause us to ponder whether or not component tuners are still in use. In reality, they are, despite the fact that few of them are offered by the most popular manufacturers of consumer electronics.

More information on the Marantz SR8015 amplifier is as follows. Building quality is clearly great here. First of all, it has a weight of 17.6 kilograms. The heavier something is, the higher the likelihood that it was well made. The other is the obvious use of copper in the plating on the base panel and the protruding screws.

The front panel always displays a small circular screen. Often, this is where you’ll see information like the volume level and the input that’s now active. More content can be viewed on the larger, rectangular display that is usually hidden behind a fold-down screen.


The Marantz SR8015 works well with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Pro, and Auro 3D. For this reason—having to reposition your loudspeakers, or even placing a “voice of God” speaker directly overhead—we decided against giving it a shot. Please note that Auro 3D is an optional, chargeable upgrade for some of Marantz’s entry-level products.

The most recent certification is IMAX Enhanced. It seems like IMAX and DTS have come up with some fairly strict specifications for video and audio performance. The Marantz SR8015 performs as promised. Despite Sony Pictures’ best efforts, we have not seen any noticeable gains in picture quality by using IMAX Enhanced on 4K Blu-rays.

Set Up And Installation

When you initially power on the Marantz SR8015 amplifier, a setup wizard will guide you through the initial configuration steps. You can go as in-depth as describing the steps required to attach speaker cables to its terminals, or you can skip over the information if you already know them. Audyssey’s MultEQ XT32 is where you should go if you want to fine-tune your audio setup.

It fared exceptionally well with one pair of speakers but just averagely with the other (as you’ll see, we replaced the front stereo speakers in the middle of the evaluation). In the latter case, it lowered the crossover frequency to 60 Hz, as if our enormous floor-to-ceiling speakers were tiny. The 20Hz they claim can be achieved may have been an illusion caused by a room mode.

Audyssey’s ability to be manually tweaked to make our speakers appear larger rather than smaller while still applying the EQ it has selected to the newly enabled bass response is a huge advantage. In any case, that’s what we ended up doing. You should always use the dynamic capabilities of Audyssey, such as the dynamic volume and dynamic EQ. Alternately, you can play with them if you like, though they aren’t very realistic.


Sound-wise, the Marantz SR 8015 is unparalleled. This receiver’s sound is very impressive, thanks to its 11 channels of high-quality amplification and 140 watts of power per channel. Those that are serious about their audio equipment and want nothing but the best will love this.

Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D are just a few of the cutting-edge audio formats supported by the SR 8015, giving you to experience a sensation of being completely immersed in whatever you’re listening to. The receiver’s cutting-edge room correction tech can assess the acoustics of your listening space and make appropriate adjustments to the sound output.

The Marantz SR 8015 excels in sound quality, but it looks good, too. The back panel is jam-packed with inputs and outputs, allowing you to connect all of your favorite gadgets, while the front panel’s brushed metal finish and basic design ooze refinement and sophistication.

To sum up, the Marantz SR 8015 is a premium receiver that not only sounds amazing but also looks great. This is the ideal stereo receiver for the audiophile.


When it comes to high-performance receivers, the Marantz SR 8015 stands out among the pack. This receiver has exceptional audio quality thanks to its 11 channels of high-grade amplification and 140 watts of power per channel. Those who are serious about their music and want the highest sound quality can’t go wrong with this.

Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D are just a few of the cutting-edge audio formats that are supported by the SR 8015, ensuring a completely captivating listening experience. The receiver’s cutting-edge room correction tech can assess the acoustics of your listening space and make appropriate adjustments to the sound output.

The SR 8015 provides a number of inputs and outputs, including three HDMI outputs and eight HDMI inputs, so you can hook up virtually any device you want. The receiver’s support for high-dynamic-range formats like HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG guarantees that your videos will look as amazing as they sound.

Furthermore, the SR 8015 has a modern and sophisticated appearance. The back panel is well-organized and straightforward to use, while the front panel’s brushed metal surface and basic design express refinement and sophistication. The receiver has a user-friendly on-screen menu and remote control, making it simple to set up and use.

The Marantz SR 8015 is a state-of-the-art receiver that excels in every category, including sound quality, functionality, and ease of use. This receiver deserves considerable consideration from audiophiles.


If you are searching for a home theater multichannel amplifier but don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, the Marantz SR8015 is as good as it gets in this price range. To state the obvious, it’s excellent.

Pros And Cons


  • An outstanding performance
  • Superb quality audio via the network.
  • Adjustable brackets for holding speakers



  • No FM, AM, or DAB+

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