Marantz PM7000N Review: High-Quality Streaming and Powerful Sound

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Looking for a high-end stereo amplifier that delivers exceptional sound quality and advanced connectivity options? Read our in-depth Marantz PM7000N review to discover all the features, pros, and cons of this impressive device. Find out why it’s a top choice for audiophiles and music lovers!

The Marantz PM7000N is an excellent choice if you want a high-grade stereo amplifier that can give uncompromised sound quality and cutting-edge features. This amp is more than just another stereo system; it blends the strength and accuracy of stereo systems of the past with the flexibility and portability of today’s streaming devices.


The Marantz PM7000N is a true work of art in the realm of high-fidelity music, thanks to its sophisticated design, cutting-edge networking features, and exceptional sound quality. In this article, we will analyse the Marantz PM7000N and talk about its specs, performance, and overall price. So kick back, relax, and prepare to experience the pinnacle of high-fidelity audio.


The world has become accustomed to hi-fi components that, like Mary Poppins’ bag, miraculously (and easily) fit everything into a small, portable case. The Marantz PM7000N may not have room for a hatstand or lamp, but it does have 60W of amplification per channel, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a network module, and access to numerous audio streaming services.

Build And Design

It should come as no surprise that the HEOS streaming app installed on your smartphone or tablet will serve as your primary point of access for gaining access to audio, switching between sources, and connecting players across numerous zones. Streaming applications such as BluOS and Naim are more advanced than HEOS, but HEOS is dependable and easy to operate. In the event that you misplace your phone or would simply prefer a more hands-on approach, you can gain access to simple control functions by using the controls made of fragile plastic that are located on the front panel.


We appreciate being able to put down our phones and still check out the track listing while listening to an album, thanks to the Marantz’s three-line OLED screen. There is an argument that can be made for streamers not having text displays, given that the screen on your smartphone already serves as a display. However, we find it convenient to be able to do so.

This Marantz has a classic appearance thanks to its large volume and input controls, its smaller bass, treble, and balance tone knobs, and its 6.3mm headphone port. Although it might not be immediately obvious, the remote control that was provided by Marantz can also be used to make adjustments to the level, input, and voltage of the TV.


The company’s insistence on maintaining a consistent design aesthetic across the board results in the PM7000N not appearing to be as high-end as some of Marantz’s more affordable products, but it is still a decent value considering how well-designed and sturdy it is. Those who already own Marantz equipment or who take a more traditional approach to home music will find it to be an ideal complement to their setup.

Features And Specs

The Japanese company Marantz has been in the business of manufacturing stereo amplifiers for a very long time. Network players have become a mainstay of its two-channel product, and Marantz has previously crammed both of these components into a single box. It makes perfect sense for the Marantz PM7000N to incorporate the company’s proprietary technology given that it is manufactured by Marantz.


The HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology has been a cornerstone of Marantz equipment ever since it was introduced in the 1990s. This product’s pre-amplifier and audio circuit are both equipped with the HDAM technology. To eliminate the possibility of contamination, the power amp section is constructed entirely of discrete components, and both the network module and the digital board are shielded. The most cutting-edge electronic volume control offered by the manufacturer is incorporated into the freshly developed preamplifier section.

Specifics regarding the technological aspects of the Marantz PM7000N

  • USB, coaxial, two optical, and four traditional inputs are among the many digital and analogue sources that are supported by this device.
  • There are ports for analogue audio, subwoofers, and earphones measuring 6.3 millimetres.
  • There is a maximum output of 120 watts of electricity.
  • Connectivity to cellular networks: Undeniably a Must Have
  • To provide further clarification, Ethernet is a network
  • High-quality PCM at 24 bits and 192 kilohertz, as well as DSD at 5.6 MHz
  • Certainly, an OLED display.

In order to reduce the number of components and the complexity of the signal routes, Marantz designed the input stage of the new integrated turntable to include a field-effect transistor (FET). In both the PM6007 and this model, Marantz decided to use toroidal transformers rather than El core transformers because toroidal transformers are superior in terms of both efficiency and the amount of mechanical interference they cause. In addition, the connections for the speakers have been brought up to speed and made more contemporary.


In comparison to the Ciruss Logic CS4398 chip that is used in its PM7005 and PM6006 amplifiers, the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that is used in the PM7000N is an Asahi-kasei AK4490EQ. This DAC enables 24-bit/192kHz PCM streaming over the digital inputs (USB, coaxial, and two optical), as well as 5.6MHz DSD streaming over the USB input, and it also When you transition to Analog Mode, any digital components that are not currently being used are turned off, which results in an increase in efficiency.

It is possible to connect external devices to the Marantz, such as a CD player, turntable, or USB stick, thanks to its digital inputs and four analogue inputs, one of which is a newly designed phono. However, it also has a large amount of internal storage for your music, so you do not need to worry about running out of space. The PM7000N is able to provide users with wired or wireless access to a variety of audio streaming services, including Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music, by utilising the high-resolution, multi-room HEOS platform that was developed by Marantz and its sister company, Denon. This platform was created by Marantz and Denon.


Because neither AirPlay 2 nor Bluetooth require an active internet connection to function, these technologies have a lot of practical applications. Voice-activated controls for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri are all available for customers who would rather use their mouths to operate their electronic devices.


There is no need to look any further than the Marantz PM7000N if you are in the market for a stereo amplifier. The astounding sound quality that is produced by this work of art in audio engineering is sure to leave you speechless. The sound coming out of this speaker is so crisp and distinct that it will immediately impress you when you use it for the first time to listen to some music. The sound that is produced by the PM7000N is one that is warm and inviting, and it has a natural tonal blend that is capable of doing any musical selection respect.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the PM7000N is its capacity to replicate sound with a high degree of accuracy and openness to the original signal. This amplifier will do an excellent job of letting you hear every nuance of your music if that is something that is important to you. audio that is incredibly clear and detailed, which engages and pulls in the listener.


The fact that the amplifier is capable of producing a sound with a broad dynamic range as well as a tight and punchy bass says a lot about the quality of the sound that is being produced. Because of the smoothness and warmth of the mids, the voices and instruments have a natural tonal balance that makes them sound animated and fascinating. This is made possible by the mids. The notes at the highest frequency are held for a longer period of time and with more detail, but they are not harsh or sibilant.

In conclusion, the listening experience afforded by the Marantz PM7000N is one that is both enthralling and refined. It is an amplification system that is intended to make your music sound as good as it possibly can, with a presentation that is clean and uncolored, which draws you deeper into the music. Whether you are listening to a small acoustic concert or a full-scale symphony, listening to the PM7000N is an experience that will steal your breath away. This is true regardless of the type of music being played.


When it comes to performance, the Marantz PM7000N is unrivalled; no other stereo amplifier can compare to its combination of strength, precision, and adaptability. This amplifier has been developed to deliver the best possible sound quality, with special attention paid to producing an impressively polished yet robust sound.


The PM7000N’s high-current power supply and completely discrete amplifier section allow it to produce 60 watts of output power on each of its channels. This ensures that even the most demanding speakers can be driven by the amplifier with no loss of clarity or detail in the music. The copper-plated frame and custom-designed capacitors in this amplifier are just two examples of the premium audio components that contribute to its superior sound quality.

The PM7000N has a robust amplifier portion, but it also has many other cutting-edge features and connection choices. It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for instance, so you can play music from your preferred streaming services or sync it with your mobile device. The amplifier has multiple digital inputs for use with a wide variety of digital audio sources. These inputs are optical, coaxial, and USB.


The PM7000N’s sophisticated DAC, built with Marantz’s in-house developed HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology, is a notable feature. All of your digital audio sources will be transformed to analogue with the utmost precision and fidelity, guaranteeing a lively, natural sound.


The PM7000N, which combines Marantz amplifier with the HEOS streaming experience that has become standard on networked Denon and Marantz equipment, appears to be a surefire hit on paper. Thank goodness that actually happens in the real world.

This system should be at the top of your wish list if you want a versatile toolbox for your analogue, digital, and streaming requirements that is fun to use and listen to.


  • Large, open, and illuminating sound
  • Superior to other examples in its class in terms of transparency
  • Reliable media host for broadcasting



  • Some cheesy controls on the actual device

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