Marantz PM6007 Review: Premium Sound and Versatile Connectivity

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Read our in-depth Marantz PM6007 review and discover why this top-quality integrated amplifier is a must-have for music lovers and home theater enthusiasts. With impressive audio performance, sleek design, and versatile connectivity options, the PM6007 delivers a dynamic and vibrant audio experience that will immerse you in your music.

marantz pm 6007

In the route to becoming a better version of ourselves, there is always opportunity for development, regardless of how accomplished or holy we may already be. The same is true for high-fidelity (hi-fi) equipment; regardless of how well it performs or how many accolades it earns, it is always possible to find something that is superior to it.


The Marantz PM6007 is the latest component in the company’s effort to design the best budget stereo amplifier possible. Its primary objective is to improve upon the functionality of the Marantz PM6006 UK Edition, which was initially introduced in 2018. It is unavoidable that the new PM6007 will replace its forerunner, which was the previous winner of the What Hi-Fi? Award for products sold in the same price range.

Design And Build

The Marantz PM 6007 is a high-quality stereo integrated amplifier with a sleek look and solid construction. The amplifier boasts the typical minimalistic elegance of other Marantz products. What follows is a synopsis of the Marantz PM 6007’s construction and design.

The amplifier weighs 7.6 kilogrammes and has a compact and durable body measuring 440mm (W) 370mm (D) 105mm (H). The chassis is made of metal and non-resonant materials to enhance rigidity and reduce vibrations that might degrade audio quality. The amplifier’s control panel is a typical Marantz design, complete with a huge central display and two large knobs on either side, and a brushed aluminium front panel.

The amplifier’s condition, input selection, and volume level are all shown prominently on a high-quality OLED located in the unit’s centre. The screen is readable even in low light and can be turned off entirely if necessary. There are two huge knobs, one on either side of the screen, that regulate volume and the other which allows you to switch inputs.

Five analogue inputs, a phono input for record players, coaxial and optical digital inputs, and a USB-B connection allow for a wide variety of audio sources to be connected to the amplifier. A preamp output is also included for use with an external power amplifier or active speakers. The amplifier’s back panel is well-organized and straightforward to reach, making it quick to plug in your various audio devices.

The Marantz PM 6007 is beautifully crafted with meticulous care for every last detail. High-quality parts were used in the amplifier’s construction, such as Marantz’s unique Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module (HDAM) technology, which aims to provide dynamic, detailed audio with little distortion. Power to the amplifier’s circuits has been carefully designed to be both stable and consistent.

In terms of design, the PM6007 is almost identical to its predecessor and even more so to the model before that. Marantz hasn’t made many cosmetic changes to the range in its 13-year existence. When compared side by side, the new PM6007 and the PM6002 (both of which were released in 2007) are very identical; the only visible difference is the model number printed on the front. It’s disheartening how commonplace everything is.

Aesthetics aside, the chassis is solidly built and beautifully finished, offering classic hi-fi charm despite its abundance of controls.

To sum up, the Marantz PM 6007 is a high-quality stereo integrated amplifier with thoughtful design and construction. It’s a great option for serious music fans and audiophiles thanks to its portable size, solid construction, and stylish design.

Features And Specs

Marantz has replaced the CS4398 digital to analogue converter (DAC) in the PM6007 with the AKM AK4490. In addition to having one coaxial input and two optical inputs, it also has two digital filters—a gradual roll-off filter and a sharp roll-off filter—that may be applied. Higher-end digital processors from the brand, like as those found in the SA-10, SA-12SE, and SA-KI Ruby, have made their way down to the consumer level, bringing with them an increased degree of versatility.


In order to improve the sound quality, all of the analogue inputs have had brand new components added to them. These components include the power amplifier as well as the moving-magnet phono stage. In a manner analogous to that of the phono stage found in the PM7000N, this one, too, has benefited from upgraded circuitry, which has led to an increased signal-to-noise ratio.

Customers who want deeper bass from their speakers can take advantage of the subwoofer output that Marantz has included in its entry-level amplifier. But, the company has not yet incorporated a USB port or Bluetooth connectivity into their product.


The Marantz PM6007 is a fantastic integrated amplifier that boasts impressive audio performance and a sleek design. From the moment you set your eyes on it, the PM6007 exudes elegance and class. Its black finish is complemented by silver accents, giving it a sophisticated look that will fit seamlessly into any audio setup.


One of the standout features of the PM6007 is its power output. With 60 watts per channel, this amplifier can easily drive even the most demanding of speakers, providing clean, detailed sound that will leave you in awe. The power delivery is smooth and consistent, ensuring that every note and beat is reproduced with accuracy and precision.

What’s more, the PM6007 is also equipped with high-quality components, such as the Marantz-designed electric volume control and a Toroidal Transformer. These components work together to deliver a dynamic and vibrant audio experience that will immerse you in your music.

The connectivity options on the PM6007 are also impressive. It comes with a variety of analog and digital inputs, including phono, coaxial, and optical inputs. This means that you can easily connect a range of audio sources, from turntables to streaming devices, and enjoy them all with the same exceptional sound quality.


Another great feature of the PM6007 is its compatibility with the Marantz HEOS wireless music streaming system. With this feature, you can easily connect your PM6007 to other HEOS-enabled devices, allowing you to stream music wirelessly throughout your home.

Overall, the Marantz PM6007 offers excellent audio performance, a stylish design, and versatile connectivity options. Whether you’re a music lover looking for a premium audio experience or a home theater enthusiast seeking to enhance your audio setup, the PM6007 is definitely worth considering.


In recent years, Marantz has been able to gain a foothold in the affordable hi-fi industry thanks to the success of their 6000 Series. The release of the PM6007 further strengthened the amplifier line, garnering the company a number of Awards during that time period.

We have high hopes that the engineers at Marantz will one day discover a method for achieving even greater improvements in performance.


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  • No Bluetooth nor USB

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