Denon PMA 60 Review: Powerful and Compact Stereo Amplifier

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Do you want to improve the sound quality of your recordings? If you need it, Denon has it.  With its built-in DAC, Bluetooth connectivity, and impressive power output, it’s an ideal choice for music enthusiasts who want a powerful and versatile amplifier for their home audio setup.


Denon is well recognised as a market leader among audiophiles, with a plethora of excellent speaker systems, home theatre receivers, and headphones available for purchase. The Denon PMA-60 amplifier is one of the most remarkable devices on the market today.

This compact amplifier condenses more than a century of audio technology into a space the size of a smartphone. This portable stereo system contains all the tools necessary to stun an audience with stunning audio reproduction.



The PMA-60 goes above and beyond to impress its users by providing a cutting-edge digital processing system and robust functionality. In addition, its small size means it won’t take up much room wherever you decide to put it.

Are you sure this Denon stereo amplifier is what you need? Come on, then, let’s find out.

Design And Build

Denon is known for producing products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This is not the type of business that needs flashy graphics to attract attention. The firm prefers to let the quality of their audio speak for itself. Nonetheless, this in no way diminishes the Denon PMA-60’s visual appeal.


The sleek design of this high-tech gadget is a result of its use of both shiny and matte materials, as well as a combination of silver and aluminium. The Denon PMA-60’s portability and small size are two of its best features.

The machine can be placed in a horizontal or vertical orientation, whichever is more convenient for the user. The OLED screen is bright and clear, giving you all the information you need about your music.

Denon clearly aimed for aesthetic prominence while designing this Hi-Fi system. When it comes to audio, the Denon PMA-60 is hard to beat because it blends cutting-edge technology with a sleek and portable form factor.


The tiny stereo amplifier has two digital optical and one digital coaxial input, so it may be used with a wide variety of audio equipment. Connecting your computer, CD player, or even TV to the system is now possible.

In addition, a headphone connector with a gain control gives you the option to improve your listening experience with headphones. To make pairing your stereo amplifier with Bluetooth even easier, an NFC chip is also included.

Features And Specs

At first glance, the Denon PMA-60 might not seem like much. Nevertheless, as you start exploring the product’s options and capabilities, you’ll get a sense of its true potential. Listen to your tunes via Bluetooth or a line-in if you like.

denon pma 60

Among the many great things about the Denon PMA-60 are:

The PMA-60 is a Class-D amplifier that produces 50 watts per channel into 4 ohms. This is more than enough power to drive most bookshelf or small floor-standing speakers.

The PMA-60’s digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is high-quality, allowing for playback of PCM audio files at bit depths up to 24-bits/192kHz. Now your digital music collection may sound great at high quality.

denon pma 60

Connection via Bluetooth: The PMA-60 features built-in Bluetooth with aptX support, allowing for wireless, high-quality audio streaming from a compatible smartphone or tablet.

There is a USB-B input on the PMA-60 so it may be used with a computer or laptop. This enables the PMA-60 to function as a premium digital audio converter (DAC) for your PC.

The PMA-60 offers two analogue (RCA) inputs in addition to its digital inputs, so you can hook up other audio sources like a CD player, turntable, or tape deck.

The PMA-60 also includes a premium headphone amplifier with its own isolated output jack. This will let you listen to your favourite tunes in pristine sound quality on your headphones of choice.


The PMA-60 is small enough to fit on a bookshelf or desktop. It’s tiny 8.27 inches by 2.13 inches by 9.92 inches and weighs 4.4 ounces.

Among the PMA-60’s many high-quality features are a specially-designed power transformer, cutting-edge AL32 processing, and premium audio capacitors. That the PMA-60 can produce such high-quality sound is due in large part to these parts.


With the Denon PMA-60, ensuring that you have the essential connectivity is made much simpler. This high-fidelity amplifier has not just a coaxial input but also two optical inputs, allowing you to connect your CD player or any digital device to it.


You are able to play high-resolution audio from your computer thanks to the amplifier’s USB-B input, which is located on the back panel. Because an adapter from USB-A to USB-B is included in this package, you won’t need to go out and buy a new cable in order to play the digital music files that are your favourites.

Protecting the sound quality is made much easier by the built-in technology of the PMA-60, which reduces the amount of digital noise.

In terms of its Bluetooth capabilities, the Denon amplifier delivers an outstanding performance. Instant connectivity can be established with the press of a single button located on the front panel. You will be able to connect to your phone much more rapidly thanks to the NFC features of the PMA.


Playback of audio at CD-quality is also enabled by the use of the most recent generation of aptX low latency decoding.


To play audio, the Denon PMA-60 requires a speaker system that is purchased separately. The incorporation of digital technology ensures that the audio will always be played back in great quality, regardless of the source.


Because of the AptX technology, every audio transmitted via Bluetooth will have the same high-quality sound as if it were copied directly from a CD. Moreover, expensive headphones might be utilised.

You are able to personalise your listening experience by altering the impedance using the volume controls that are located in-line and on the headphones themselves. For the vast majority of home stereo and Hi-Fi systems, you just won’t be able to achieve sound quality of that calibre.

Your music and other sounds will no longer include any trace of distortion thanks to the Denon PMA-60, which goes above and beyond to achieve this goal.

The Denon PMA-60 provides great sound quality regardless of whether you are using wifi streaming, a computer, a television, or simply putting in a radio or CD player. It does this regardless of which device you are using to play the audio.


While the Denon PMA 60 does not come cheap, it is well worth the investment due to its premium design, powerful performance, and sturdy construction. The one significant drawback, especially for vinyl fans, is the lack of a phono input.

To sum up, the Denon PMA 60 is a premium amplifier that excels in all respects, including sound quality, functionality, and portability, despite its small size and stylish appearance. It’s a great option for audiophiles looking for an amp that can handle a wide variety of sources and genres of music.


  • Superb audio quality
  • Slim and space-saving construction
  • Bluetooth and USB ports are only two of the many high-tech connections available.
  • In-Built Digital Audio Converter
  • Convincing performance



  • Costly
  • Lacks Phono Input for Record Fans

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