Denon Ceol Piccolo Review: Compact and Versatile Network Music System

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Discover the Denon Ceol Piccolo – a compact and versatile network music system that delivers impressive sound quality and features. Read our review to learn more about its built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, CD player, and more. Perfect for those looking for a high-quality audio solution in a small package.

How much of your time do you spend listening to music that is stored on a digital device? After releasing a CD-less tiny system for the very first time in the company’s history, Denon is hoping that consumers will respond “a lot” to the novelty of the product.


The original CEOL, which we were really interested in and which is still being made despite some slight alterations, is the ancestor of the CEOL Piccolo, which is a near relative of the original CEOL. The primary distinction lies in the fact that the CEOL Piccolo does not come equipped with an optical drive; rather, it has a more compact chassis and an all-digital tuning system.



The fact that the Piccolo can play music from any source other than a disc is one of its many useful features. Do you still enjoy ripping CDs to your computer? The Piccolo will be able to access them if you save them on a computer or network attached storage device (NAS).

Design And Build

It is small even by the standards of micro systems, so it should fit nicely on the usual bookshelf. This is presumably where the great majority of the Piccolo’s owners would keep it. On the surface, the Piccolo appears to be a reliable device. Although though it is made completely of low-cost, shiny plastic, the design and craftsmanship of it are quite nice.


The procedure of setting everything up is likewise very easy to do. You will be ready to go in a matter of seconds after turning it on, plugging it into your network (Ethernet is suggested for increased simplicity and audio quality, but Wi-Fi is also built in), and then turning it back on again.

Using the alphanumeric buttons on the remote to log into Spotify or and enter your email address and password is, unfortunately, a necessary evil.

There are standard connectors, allowing you to attach any speakers you like; but, for an additional cost of £320, you may purchase the main DRA-N5 machine combined together with the dedicated SC-N5 speakers. The Q Acoustics 2020i is one of the best options available in our opinion.


Remote App

As soon as you power on the Piccolo, a wealth of digital music becomes available to you, but before you plunge in headfirst, you should get the free Denon Remote App.

The app, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones (but not Windows Phone 8), makes controlling the mini system from a mobile device a far more enjoyable experience than using the provided remote control.

The Denon software is attractive and has several useful features, such as a favourites list where you can add songs for quick access from the home screen and the opportunity to construct playlists on the fly, but it may be a touch sluggish when loading folders from a NAS.

In contrast to Sonos, many of its competitors don’t allow you to combine songs from different servers into a single playlist.


Let’s get down to work straight now to virtual candy shop which is Spotify The new Everything Everything album Arc, including the single Kemosabe from that album, feature a particularly upbeat rendition of the math-pop song.

Denon’s excellent balance and weight, astounding width of the soundstage, and level of control are unaffected by the 320kbps stream’s shimmering synthesizers. Some people just need a Piccolo and Spotify and they’re happy.

Yet, if you put in the time and effort to listen to higher-quality music, you will be rewarded with a Denon that is more capable than you may expect (given the price) of making the most of greater bit-rates. Ripping “Awayland” by the Villagers without compression reveals the song’s fantastic folk guitar work.

The Piccolo’s notes are fuller and more robust than those of other tiny instruments. A big and open soundstage is used here, but individual instruments are still clearly distinguished from one another without obscuring the overall performance.

Take it to the next level by playing a 24-bit studio master file, and the Piccolo’s sound quality will surprise you given its inexpensive price. The vocals, furious strums of the acoustic guitar, and sharp jingle of the tambourine in the odd mournful orchestral song are all brought out in stunning clarity by the 24-bit/192kHz master of REM’s Country Feedback.

Again, the most notable quality is the superior fullness compared to similar items. This is the key ingredient that elevates music to the next emotional level. Because the notes ring out and echo more naturally and the vocals seem like they were captured by a real person, the overall presentation is cosier and more authentic.


There are moments when the Denon sounds like it’s holding back, but that’s preferable to the kind of aggressiveness that’s common in low-priced hi-fi gear. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt if Denon produced a Piccolo Mk. 2 with a little more firepower.

iPod Connectivity

Here’s a look at the Denon CEOL Piccolo, a compact stereo system that takes iPod connections.

Sending the same track over AirPlay results in a little drop in quality, but it’s not enough to discourage you from utilising the wire-free way. The results are equal whether you connect your iPhone using the specialised dock or a digital USB connection.

Internet radio

Our Opinions on the Internet radio, the Denon CEOL Piccolo

If you become sick of that, there are thousands of radio stations from across the world and countless podcasts available on the internet.


Both the live football commentary on 5 Live Sports Extra and the all-too-brief Adam & Edith Show on BBC Radio 6 Music showcase the complete range of human vocal tones.


The CEOL Piccolo is not only budget-friendly, but it also allows you to play music from whatever source you select, regardless of the genre or artist. Denon recommends that you get rid of your outdated optical disc players as soon as possible.


  • A rich, organic, and consistently pleasing tone
  • No glimmer of light at any time
  • Wide range of supported formats
  • The Advantages of Using AirPlay and Spotify



  • Every once in a while, a little bit of more punch would be great.


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